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Here’s Your Eggs With a Side of Stupid

Warning: Racism ahead… and stupidity For those of you who don’t follow CSPAN much, they have two phone lines (one for Wingnuttia and one for Dims), and the big tell is always when someone says that s/he is “an independent” … Continue reading

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Is Georgia the new Texas?

In the history of dog-whistle politics no one gets close to Texas. Until today. The nuts who are agitating to get an election bounce using Obamacare to ratchet up the crazy in Georgia have sunk to a whole new level: … Continue reading

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Two concessions, one cup?

Congratulations to Bill Owens (NY-22) who now has the distinction of beating Glenn Beck’s poodle twice in the same race! Yes, Doug Hoffman had to concede again — I guess he liked it so much the first time…

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