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The Further Adventures of Peggy Noonan

Anatomy of a Column eggy Noonan’s glass was half empty or half full (“I’m an optimist about these things…”) as she recalled the scene at the Republican retreat in Hershey Pennsylvania, and as the official hagiographer of the Reagan Era, … Continue reading

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Unsaddle That Goat!

Jeb Bush Has a Mitt Romney Problem The long and short of it is that Not Chimpy ended his political career in 2007 with $1.1M in the bank, and he now is controlling three hedge funds with a combined value … Continue reading

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Today in Zombie-Eyed Granny Starving

Paul Ryan tells us that he is not interested in running for president… well at least not yet: “The president thing, it doesn’t have to be me,” Ryan says with a shrug. “I just want us to win. I just … Continue reading

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“I’ll be here all week! Try the veal!”

Give it up for the comedy stylings of The Stench!: “Be sure to tip the balance of power on your way out!” Failed 2012 Goat Rodeo rider The Willard Mechanism tries his hand at the open-mic, or maybe it’s the … Continue reading

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Oh, please, Please, PLEASE!

The Draft Mitt website (!) brags that it is in no way paid for by Willard, and Spencer Zwick (the so-called sixth son) says that the Willard Mechanism is absolutely not running: “This organization has absolutely no bearing on Mitt … Continue reading

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The ambiguously gay may-december romance

The nuptials have been announced There was heavy negotiation to get Ryan ‘recruited’ but before the ‘hard’ campaigning starts – there is time to frolick in Key West Provincetown Fire Island Mykonos Branson

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Day 4

MPS Non-coverage of the Olympics Despite the $77,000 tax deduction and being one of the horse elite – Ann just couldn’t make it through the dressage. YOU judges need to give the rich a break once in awhile Was Willard … Continue reading

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Brother Mitt Explains It All For You

We have a classic Catch-22. If Mittens releases his tax returns (which he says he won’t) anything in them will become fair game and incorporated into the next round of Mitt as Richie Rich, the tax avoider. Worse, giving into … Continue reading

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The Sound of Doo-Wop

You have the singing Senators – what about the Crooning Candidates – Lead by Mitt himself, singing an “autobiography”

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“Take my wives. Please.”

Mittens tries standup.

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