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Bobby Jindal’s Hate-a-thon is this weekend, what can we expect?

Our Lady of Good Shoe Wear and Bountiful Pasta Cindy Jacobs tells us what happened when theocratic nitwit secessionist Texas Gov. Rick Perry had his big prayer rally kick-off for his 2012 Goat Rodeo campaign. Oh yeah: he ended up … Continue reading

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Today in Texas Secessionists

One Texas lawmaker is trying to declare Texas a sovereign state so they can continue to discriminate against the ‘mos, as Sweet Baby Jeebus wants. Anyway, Rep. Cecil Bell Jr. introduced House Bill 623, which he’s calling the Texas Preservation … Continue reading

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“On the count of 3, smile.”

One… Two…

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Texas Politics: A Primer – UPDATED

Austin, Texas’s capital, is the Berkeley of that state, decidedly blue in a red sea. Travis County, where Austin is located, elects their county attorney who in turn oversees criminal cases in Austin. They have a special prosecutorial agency that … Continue reading

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The wheels of justice slowly grind

5 years later, Tom Delay’s trial moves ahead… in Texas where he will not only be acquitted, they will probably name a school after him. Anyway… The Republican was indicted in 2005 on charges he illegally sent $190,000 in corporate … Continue reading

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Readin’, ritin’, and Reagan…

After all the angst over how will the kiddies ever learn about Phyllus Schlafly and the Moral Majority (and her predecessor, Joe McCarthy) in the Texas school books, it turns out that no one can afford them. Now it appears … Continue reading

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The Yellow Rose Air of Texas

Ha ha ha! The EPA is threatening Texas with taking over regulating air quality in Texas because they are doing such a crap job of it. In 3… 2… 1… The Obama administration has taken yet another step in its … Continue reading

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Governor Goodhair kills… and will kill again

Rick Perry, governor of Texas (National Laboratory of Bad Politics – according to Molly Ivins) goes jogging with sidearms, we learn today. And he is a-feared o’ snakes. Anyway, Governor Goodhair was out jogging and shot a coyote using a … Continue reading

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Georgia: still crazier than Texas

Remember the other day when Georgia wrestled the Crazeee away from Texas when they passed a law that outlaws the government putting beepers in your vaginal-anus area? Me neither! So today, sensing that they were not crazee enough, Georgia decided … Continue reading

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