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2020 Presidential Elections, NO more zealots, NO more extremists

[Ed. – Katie Schwartz begins our day with her take on 2020, and no! She does not sugarcoat it! Officially MPS is not taking a stand on any candidate in the 2020 Goat Rodeo (except Howard Schultz—fuck that guy!—and Prznint … Continue reading

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Activism: Trumps Weak Spot

Russia. That’s right I said Russia. There are enough cold warriors left in positions of power that we can undermine Putin’s control of Trump. All we need to do is keep asking about Russia, interminably. A Call to Action Call … Continue reading

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Activism: What We Know About Russian Hacking That Isn’t Classified

[While the boss is distracted I’m pinning this to the top o’ the blog. Fresh(er) posts below. Make the calls folks. You will make a difference.] [I approve this message. — TG] Welcome to the 21st Century. Flying death robots … Continue reading

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I agree with Karoli.

This isn’t about armed conflict with Russia. It’s about treasonous acts by members of our own government. It needs to be investigated, right now. After reading through a lot of the comments on my post about the various pointers to … Continue reading

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