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[Scissorheads, we have an exciting guest post from the ineffable Katie Schwartz! She’s the boss! — Tengrain] The other day, I threw out my garbage in the alley, sans phone and braless- it was a quick chore. I saw two … Continue reading

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Activism: It’s Our Job

I would rephrase this to read: If you’re an elected Dem who doesn’t come out against this Muslim ban your replacement is already being trained. O- if you're an elected Dem who doesn't come out against this Muslim ban you should give … Continue reading

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Some Stupid For Your Coffee?

“I can honestly say I have not had one conversation with a single CEO about the Confederate flag.” –Rumored blogger-banging (eww, gross!) South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley tells us why she doesn’t need to remove the Confederate Flag from the … Continue reading

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I Wonder If The CDC Has Considered This?

This is a Tweet from the previously famous for sexting his very short comings (if you know what I mean and I think you do) former SC GOP Director Todd Kincannon: https://twitter.com/Todd__Kincannon/status/518520413643870208 I’m waiting for him to call in the … Continue reading

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Is it Stupid Day in Wingnuttia?

“The former Arkansas governor went on to say that “I don’t believe I can own another person, I thought we settled that after the Civil War, or as some people in the South when I was young used to still … Continue reading

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So, Where’s the Burning Cross?

So how many GOPers objected to this dude showing up at the home of the first black president? So, I have to ask again: How’s that rebranding working for you, Reince?

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Ladies and gentlement, the comic stylings of…

…Michelle Malkkkin! Because when you are Amerikkka’s sweetheart, there is no lame joke that is not racist enough!

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