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RIP, Nancy Reagan

Remember Scissorheads: If you cannot say anything nice, come sit next to me.

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It’s In The Stars

Nancy Reagan is having a bad week. First she loses Oscar De La Renta the designer (and the only straight man to put clothes on her), and now she has lost her astrologer, San Francisco heiress and socialite Joan Quigley. … Continue reading

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The Further Adventures of Peggy Noonan

Anatomy of a Column eggy Noonan was at Donald Rumsfeld’s book launch party, and was challenged by the guest of honor to arm wrestle. The argument had been about known-knowns , known-unknowns, or some such thing, and the pugnacious Rumsfeld … Continue reading

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Woman Hating Woman Still Hates Women

Phylus Schlafly has written another screed about feminism. The HuffPo have a Q&A, and I could not help but notice this exchange: Where were conservatives when the divorce rate got out of hand? Phyllis: They were quietly raising their own … Continue reading

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