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That Giant Sucking Sound, Redux

Senate sends key trade bill to Obama “Washington (CNN)The Senate on Wednesday cleared a bill to give “fast-track” congressional approval of major international trade deals and will send it to President Barack Obama for his signature. The vote was 60 … Continue reading

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Everything But The Grudge

By now, most good liberals are wondering who to blame for Tuesday’s debacle, and all the usual suspects have been called out by the pundits, and we won’t go into those tired tropes now. As for me, I blame the … Continue reading

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On Restoring Honor…

Exactly 47 years to the day after Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech from the feet of the Lincoln Memorial, America’s Favorite Free-Range Conspiracy Theorist, Glenn Beck took to the same stage to dog-whistle to the simple-minded the … Continue reading

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In His Own Words…

Nancy Pelosi will be in the back of the bus. — RNC Chariman, Michael Steele

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Pelosi to Address Netroots Nation

The Plum Line tells us… There’s been a ton of chatter, much of it justified, that the Dem establishment in D.C. and the White House has largely taken the Dem base for granted since 2008. But the fact that Pelosi … Continue reading

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Big Brass Balls

Chuck Todd asked Pelosi if there was a statute of limitations on placing responsibility on President George W. Bush. “Well, it runs out when the problems go away,” Pelosi replied. More, please.

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Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Republicans

At Gay Pride this weekend, the GOP Log Cabin Republicans of L.A. are holding a Tea Bag Toss to raise money for whatever it is that they do (maybe for therapy?), and here’s the deal: You buy a teabag from … Continue reading

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“You know…”

Reuters “…Snickers really do satisfy.”

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Gee, who was Politico targeting with this bit of editorializing?

Senate bill includes the Botox tax I suppose in Wingnuttia, this passes for clever punditry.

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