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Mr. Excitement Mourns DC’s loss, blames unions

I’m still trying to understand this. Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Bachmannsylvania, opines on the Mayoral race in Washington DC: Mayor Fenty lost after the teachers’ unions led a campaign against him and Michelle Rhee. Fenty’s loss is further evidence that … Continue reading

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Important Jim-the-Voter update!

Remember at the beginning of the month, MPS reported to you about how Bachmann-the-Nut revealed that her opponent, Tarryl Clark, is Minnesotastan secret corn dog taxer featuring some bow-legged dork named Jim the Voter who wears v-neck tee shirts under … Continue reading

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I Cannot Make This Up

I was stunned when I got off the plane in Minneapolis St. Paul and found myself face-to-face with a Fox News store. Yes, they had souvenirs, no, I did not buy any. You see, Bachmann-the-Nut is not alone.

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