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Nepotism Legacy Hire Out

We are sad to announce that Soylent Blonde herself, Meghan McCain is out of a job at Pivot teevee: Her show, Takepart Live has been cancelled. Pivot TV has canceled its signature nightly program, “TakePart Live.” The show is hosted … Continue reading

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RWNJ Pundits go after Soylent’s Breasts!

Maybe that’s a poor way to start this post, but I bet I’ll get a lot of hits. Anyway… Yesterday on one of the talking heads shows, our beloved Soylent Blonde said something blunt about Christine No’Donnell that just about … Continue reading

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First review of Soylent Blonde’s book is in: meh

Ultimately, if you were a HUGE fan of the 2008 campaign, the book is worth a skim. It’s not a crime that she wrote it, though it often feels like a misdemeanor reading it. Who woulda thunk that Little Miss … Continue reading

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Imagine Godzilla v. Mothra as valleygirls

Gawker has unleashed upon the innocent the most horrible thing I could ever imagine: SoyBlo interviews Snooki: Gawker – SoyBlo goes tit-for-tat with Snooki Snooki: I only know politics about, like, you know, tanning and being a Guidette. So when … Continue reading

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He’ll be a better writer than Soylent Blonde in a week or less

A dolphin is learning how to use an iPad to communicate with his human handlers. Bet me he won’t call his followers on Twitter his TwitFam. I’m lookin’ at you, Soylent. (The link is to a PDF file, so it … Continue reading

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Soylent’s appearance on Leno?

Just sayin’. Oh, she was on. (Via Gawker)

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The Andy Warhol Book Club

OK, so last night, Blue Gal alerted me that Soylent Blonde is so upset because people were being mean to her — after she published this picture on Twitter — that she is thinking about quitting the microblogging platform. First … Continue reading

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Shorter Meghan McCain:

The future Little Edie tells us her hair secrets. (Inspired by Wonkette.)

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The New Math

This post is dedicated to Lockwood who won the contest to re-nickname Meghan McCain, previously known in these parts as “Butterball.” We decided to re-christen Meghan when it was pointed out, repeatedly, that “butterball” could be interpreted as being fat-phobic. … Continue reading

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The Butterball Project Finalists!

(Scissorheads: the polls are closed. Rgds, T.G.) UPDATE: Butterball is guest hosting The View — this might help you choose between the finalist in our great re-naming contest! AP Scissorheads — After much careful thought, and rigorous debate, TexBetsy and … Continue reading

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