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Shorter Jonah Goldberg:

“White, Like Me” The white supremacist pamphlet knows as the National Review is agitating for some definition: One could argue that [Ben Carson is] even more authentically African-American than Barack Obama, given that Obama’s mother was white and he was … Continue reading

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Metaphors Are Hard, Jonah!

[Note to Tim Cook if you happen to be reading Mock, Paper, Scissors: Please do not move ahead with any plans to introduce Odor-ama technology. The stench coming from the National Review Online website is already too great to bear. … Continue reading

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Doughy Pantload Defends The Spanish Inquisition

If someone can explain to me why a secular country has a prayer breakfast, I’d be grateful, but in the meanwhile feast your eyes on what the Kenyan Usurper said while at it that got Y’all Qaeda’s tighty very whiteys … Continue reading

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2-Drink Minimum: The Comedy Stylings of Jonah Goldberg

Why do I even look at the NRO (the most intellectually dishonest rest-stop on the information superhighway)? Oh, that’s right! So I can see what would-be public intellectual, legacy hire, and the Worlds Best Son is pontificating about today. And … Continue reading

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As Miss Janet Jackson Once Sang…

Both Sides Redux “…what have you done for me lately?” Every good liberal worth their salt knew the moment that Steve Scalise’s (Republikkkan – LA) friendship with David Duke and other white supremacists was brought to the nation’s attention, that … Continue reading

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He’ll Know Torture When He Sees It

Jumpin’ Jehova! The Worlds Best Son and Legacy Hire Jonah Goldberg wrote a tortured column on torture: It’s true that torture is to some extent in the eye of the beholder. Everyone can agree that hot pokers, the rack, and … Continue reading

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Shallow thoughts from Doughy Pantload

I’m glad that Top Chef got an award, but I hope the producers of the show don’t get confused and think they earned it because of this year’s really annoying season. If Nancy Pelosi’s going to have any more cameos … Continue reading

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Draw up the impeachment papers, Doughy Pantload has the goods!

He spent about the same amount of research time as for his coloring book, Liberal Fascism: Doughy Pantload: Obama said on The View yesterday that he didn’t know who Snooki is. But here’s Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner: … Continue reading

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Obama, the GOP Villagers, and Hitler

If you read the article that Mooselini references, you will see that in essence Thomas Sowell is accusing the Administration of Fascism on the way to Nazi-ism. Given the way that the Right continually pulls out the trope that the … Continue reading

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GOP adds another scalp to the mantle

Helen Thomas will retire effective immediately, following her indiscrete and frankly, stupid, comments. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot at the twilight of a long and distinguished career. So the question is, will Mooselini et al start doing their … Continue reading

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