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The Mouth-Breathing Paste-Eaters Have Spoken. Sort Of.

Open mic at the Pride of Iowa’s ol’ Cantaloup Calves hisself, Steve King’s so-called Freedom Summit have yielded an interesting, though useless statistic via CNN: As of 9AM my time, here is a ranking by number of views of the … Continue reading

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Chuck I AM NOT A NAIL Grassley has an important message!

Sweet Jebus, Grassley! The Iowastan fuddy duddies don’t want to hear about your big city twitter, zip it up-chuck, and for the record ladies, Chuck’s twitter it cannot be cured without the help of a medically approved LOLcat. Anyway, Chuck … Continue reading

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IA Representative Steven King

Ah, summer. The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye, and so is the BS coming from Iowa’s Steven King orifice reaches up to the sky: KING: I’ve just started to think about what we need to do and … Continue reading

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Iowa: in the race for Crazeeeeeee!

Remember last week when we reported about how Georgia was legislating against microchipping humans and some nutty lady in Georgia testified that the Department of Defense had put a beeper into her vaginal-anus area? Me neither! So here’s your vaginal-anus … Continue reading

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