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Microsoft updates

NNDB.com Is it possible that all the bungling that took place in Microsoft’s entertainment and hardware division was actually sabotage? In World War II, Germany sent a secret “fifth column” behind enemy lines to disrupt defenses during its invasions. Corporations … Continue reading

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In his own words…

I’ve never used an ATM, so I don’t know what the fees are. It’s true, I don’t know how to use one. But I could learn how to do it just like I’ve . . . I swipe to get … Continue reading

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Doughy Pantload discovers time travel!

Rotund water-head and noted sci-fi fanatic of the right, Doughy Pantload, is excited to report that time travel is possible! He read something from Stephen Hawking, and thus it is proven: Stephen Hawking says time travel — forward only, alas … Continue reading

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Bill Kristol weighs in (you’re screwed AZ brown people)

KRISTOL: I doubt that it violates the Constitution, if it does, it’s a matter of federal preemption against state law. I don’t think it violates anyone’s civil rights. … I have actually read this bill it is not draconian. It … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer Day!

Today is the day we celebrate the Nostradamus of the ossified brain stems everywhere, Charles “Chuckles” Krauthammer, who, for some reason, all the pinheads of the right think has the gift of second sight. Seven years ago today he said: … Continue reading

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Thomas Friedman is flat, hot, and stupid

The Old Pornstache quiffs out yet another column in which he celebrates people who are already wealthy becoming wealthier by creating startups where they don’t hire anyone, and declares that it is what we need more of. Here’s the short … Continue reading

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In his own words…

[Obama]’s even less likely to use nukes than the president in Independence Day, and that Bill Pullman character first needed to mind-meld with one of the aliens to be extra-super-sure that they were evil conquerors. The fact that most of … Continue reading

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Suck. On. This. Thomas. Friedman.

If the Democrats now lose seats in the midterm elections, we’re headed for even worse gridlock, even though we still have so much more nation-building for America to do — from education to energy to environment to innovation to tax … Continue reading

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Ross Douthat writes another children’s fable.

The ol’ Neckbeard lubed up and banged out another one. Er, column that is. And it is a douzie. You see, he doesn’t like the new Matt Damon flick, The Greenzone, because it does not cover the shades of gray … Continue reading

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Sally Quinn Explains It All For Us

Twitter is a gold mine, a true gold mine of snark, and Sally Quinn is the motherload. Still plumbing the depths of being shallow! Apply for the job, Sally, you know you want to!

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