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Petunia and Pals Wins The Morning!

So let me get this right: a school district in Virginia should apologize to Petunia’s all-white guests for a Black History Month event about police brutality. Got it.

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Petunia and Pals Wins The Morning!

“Michelle, you know it works. There are a number of mainstream media outlets who try to make people on the political right look like crazy people.” Nothing like exploiting toddlers for political points and 15-minutes of Fox Fame.

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Petunia and Pals Wins The Morning!

Petunia talks to cavefish white Katherine Timpf from the renowned white power scandal sheet National Review, who knows a thing or two about (very) white privilege, to complain about social justice being taught in schools.

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The Frosted Tips Twins Speak Out!

Gotta love that the ticker underneath The Frosted Tips Twins says Fired for Faith, but what part of the First Amendment does Petunia and Pals not understand? The First Amendment is about limiting what the government can do, but private … Continue reading

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Dana Perino, cub reporter

The Death of Journalism Jimmy Olsen couldn’t have done better: hard hitting questions, deep and thoughtful analysis, distractingly shiney lip gloss.

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Gretchen Carlson wins the morning!

Petunia Pig, er, Gretchen Carlson, the uncooked pork of chat show hosts, from the comedy morning show, Fox & Friends, has a major scoop and wins the morning: She noticed that President Carebear was wearing pants and a shirt when … Continue reading

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