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Activism: “Fake News” is Propaganda. Call It What It Is.

[We’re keeping this on top. Fresh(er) posts below! — TG] We’ve all seen it: The headline that ends in an elipsis Use of words like “Destroys”, “You won’t believe”, etc. (I’d love to see one using the term “eviscerates” just … Continue reading

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Hillary Vs. Warren

Julie Brown – Girl Fight Tonight There is a vibration in The Force as The New Republic puts a purely speculative essay up about how there is a populist movement that wants Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run against Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Tiger Beat On the Potomac Wins the Morning!

Death of the Media The whiz kids over at TBOTP (Thanks Charlie!) have done it again, what with their quivering brains full of smart thoughts: How the heck did that happen? Most public polls leading up to Election Day had … Continue reading

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Gawker has an exclusive scoop that Fox News Anchor Shep Smith (the closest one to sane that they have) is in what appears to be a stable and committed relationship. I’m looking forward to their in-depth reviews of reGreta, InsHannity, … Continue reading

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Our coverage of the Politico wet kiss continues!

The Politico story is just jam-packed full of fun facts of how the media operates! Remember playing Telephone as a kid? You would start a rumor and each kid whispers it to the next kid until it goes full circle? … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media

It is time to take a more serious look at the death of the media than we have in the past. We here at Mock, Paper, Scissors have said that the world has a need for journalists and journalism (and … Continue reading

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Nepotism today!

We are so pleased to note that down-and-out family, the Sulzbergers (publishers of a little throw-away, NYTimes) have finally lifted their hiring freeze to hire a member of their own family! Sam Dolnick, a reporter for the Associated Press and … Continue reading

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Facing the Death Panel: Reader’s Digest

The NY Times reports: Reader’s Digest Association, the 87-year-old publishing company, said Monday that it plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to carry out a restructuring that would give lenders control of the company. I’d pull the plug … Continue reading

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ABC News, your source for Putinography

Death of the Media, Cont. Jebus Christ on toast points! Does this count as news now?

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The Death of the Media, cont.

And the papers wonder why the readers are leaving in droves? Politico reports that after offering access to the paper’s own editorial and reporting staff, for a nominal fee of upwards of $250,000 — you know, to shape the debate … Continue reading

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