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In Which Scott Walker Is Explained To Us By…

…Our Lady of Merlot Ann Althouse: Those of you who think that he’s a neophyte, that he hasn’t yet learned how to step up to answering a question. You don’t get it. You are a neophyte. You haven’t yet learned … Continue reading

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Bad Advice

The Dick Whisperer Dana Milbank says: Back in July, when President Obama was deciding whether to take executive action on immigration before the midterm elections, I got into one of those cable-news debates that offer the president unsolicited advice from … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

It is win-win when the pundits attack each other: [Politico’s Dylan] “Byers, alas, may never have the experience. He reports that he’s moving to California, where it will be just as easy to cover journalism the way he has covered … Continue reading

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Newsweek up for sale!

Death of the Media The Washington Post has announced that they are selling Newsweek because, well, its been bleeding money for years, and if they want to keep their frisky line up of youthful opinion writers (Richard “The Worst Writer … Continue reading

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Shorter Dana Milbank:

“You guys, I am a professional journalist, too!” You may remember The Dick Whisperer from such classic moments of professional journalism as…

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OK, I gave this image to Twitter first, so sue me

Dana Milbank, after a heated debate, whispered to Nico Pitney, You’re such a dick, thus earning himself the immortal nickname as “The Dick Whisperer.” This has lead to a hash tag on Twitter #Dickwhisperer and much derision. The cause of … Continue reading

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