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The Many Positions of Schroëdinger’s Candidate, Rand Paul

He’s not different, he’s a fraud. Let’s see, Rand Paul has taken these positions: Privacy – He says that he wants to dismantle the entire NSA, but then he had to go on record and vote to reform it and … Continue reading

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Is This The Tweet That Launched a Thousand Flying Monkeys? UPDATED

What'd ya think of the #NetanyahuSpeech, Rand? http://t.co/vFjhUADQQf pic.twitter.com/4yPBcga7NI — National Review (@NRO) March 3, 2015 You see, Y’all Qaeda doesn’t think that Schröedinger’s Candidate Sen. Rand Paul was clapping enough or with enough enthusiasm as Wingnuttia listens to Israeli … Continue reading

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Some Stupid For Your Bottomless Mimosa?

Canadian-born latino and immigrant-hating southern white supremacist Senator Ted Cruz tells us why there is no surgeon general (Second Amendment), that the Dim-controlled Senate couldn’t get the Surgeon General confirmed (but left out the part of the block put in … Continue reading

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He Keeps Running!

Hey guys, remember when famous plagiarist, Ayn Rand Fanboi and shag-carpet topped Sen. Rand Paul, the Aqua Buddhist, beat the land speed record for running away from latino immigrants at a fundraising dinner in Iowa? You know, when later he … Continue reading

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Dine and Dash

Let’s watch as Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas (both are Dreamers) confront Steve King and Rand Paul at a fundraiser in Iowa: Yes that is Sen. Aqua Buddha literally running away with his aid, while Steve King gets to meet … Continue reading

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Today in the Lysistrata Chronicles…

“Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious freedom by taking a stand with Hobby Lobby. Religious liberty will remain intact and all Americans can stay true to their faith without fear of big government intervention or punishment,” Sen. … Continue reading

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