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Time Travel Pass, Please- I’d Like to Abort Several People, Thanks!

Our fearless MPS EIC, Tengrain, sent me this article, Progressivism’s Political Litmus Test: Worship at the Altar of Abortion. The first sentence was also treat, “A compliant progressive must worship at the altar of abortion.” No. No. And, no. Under … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Gohmert?

Shorter Screwie Louie: he should just paraphrase Freud: “What do broads really want?” But here’s what he really said: “Most of the conference was 100 percent in favor of the bill that was going to be brought to the floor. … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Eggs With a Side of Stupid – UPDATED

Robin Williams: Abortion of His Unborn Child May Have Added to Struggle With Depression They pulled the article down just now, but it shows us that the Xristian Xrazies have absolutely no ethics or sensitivity. TPM has excerpts. UPDATE: Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Abortion Field Trips! Yippee!

Ahh, it was a busy day for Notorious baby mill operator, future resident of Bedlam, and self-confessed confident of God, Bachmann-the-Nut. Today, finishing her work on the ACORN beat (she grilled Bennie the Rat Bernanke on ACORN earlier, and no … Continue reading

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