Commander Bunnypants’ Is Grifting Ameros From The Military Now


The LATimes reports that the commandant of the US Marines,Gen. Robert Neller, complained Comrade Trump’s politicizing immigration and raiding the military forced him to cancel or reduce planned military training in at least five countries and delay urgent repairs at bases.

So we got that working for us.

Anyway, Neller has issued a warning to the Pentagon: deploying troops to the border with Mexico, funding transfers under Prznint Stupid’s NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!1! declaration and recovery costs from hurricanes Florence and Michael have posed an unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency.

The LATimes has both memos if you want to read the source.


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Taking Aim At Gundamentalists

Amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell is a natural with guns, amirite?

This post in the always-reliable Electoral Vote blog caught my eye this morning, as we seem to always be having a conversation about guns! Guns! GUNS! in the comments (emphasis mine):

New Zealand Bans Assault Rifles

That didn’t take long. Just 72 hours after the mosque attacks that took 50 lives, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the nation will ban all “military-style” assault weapons by mid-April. Money will be set aside to compensate folks who voluntarily surrender their guns, and steps will also be taken to see that people cannot stock up on illegal guns before the ban takes effect. Reportedly, the vote in New Zealand’s parliament was 119-1.

This has, not surprisingly, led to the publication of a great many articles like this one, contrasting the speedy actions of the New Zealanders with the United States’ inability to do much of anything on this issue. Of course, that is somewhat comparing apples to oranges, since New Zealand has a parliamentary system, which is very well situated for quick decision-making, while the U.S. has a divided government (not to mention the Senate filibuster, and a Supreme Court with an awful lot of power and a consistent love of the 2nd Amendment).

Still, there are signs that America’s current gun gridlock may not hold all that much longer. Polls make clear that the voting public’s enthusiasm for the current “Wild West” approach to guns is waning. The Parkland shootings, in particular, appear to have been a transformative event. Further, as The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart points out, conservatives approached gun ownership as a cultural issue, linked to free speech and religious freedom and the sanctity of marriage, and so forth, rather than as a public policy issue. And as the culture wars fade in intensity, mostly due to the deaths of the older, white voters they were created for, the whole house of cards could collapse, taking gun ownership with it.

The most visible sign of a possible sea change is the declining fortunes of the NRA, far and away the most famous and effective gun lobby in the U.S. (largely because of its ability to get voters to do its bidding). Membership in, donations to, and corporate support for the organization are all down considerably these days. This is due, in part, to the Association’s tone-deaf responses to various incidents of mass violence. It’s also due, in part, to their association with Russia, and whatever shady business might have taken place there. They are having trouble paying their bills, and reported a $55 million loss in their most recent annual tax filing. In fact, the 2018 midterms marked the first election cycle in half a century where anti-gun organizations spent more money than pro-gun. It is unlikely that the NRA, or the 2nd Amendment, will go the way of the dodo, but we might be headed for a return to the circumstances of the 1980s and 1990s, where folks on both sides of the aisle could at least agree on some reforms to gun laws. (Z)

If you read the linked articles in the emphasized paragraph (and I hope you do), you will see that the data backs up the author’s (Z) assertion that guns are an abstract cultural issue, like screaming “FREEDOM” or “SOCIALISM” at their opponents. It’s also a relic from a minority of gun-fetishist, dying-off Boomers (cannot happen soon enough) and does not seem to have much of a toe-hold with the subsequent cohorts.

And for those of you who think that we are heading into an out-gunned civil war with the Patriots of Possum Hollar and the rest of The New Confederacy, our pal Infidel753 has an excellent essay up on that:

“…Indeed, fantasies of some future explosion of violence in which they will emerge triumphant are very common on wingnut blogs and discussion sites.  From decades-old dreams of a “day of the rope” when enemies (such as Jews, government officials, and “race-mixers”) would be hanged en masse, to present-day rumblings of a second civil war which their overwhelming superiority in guns would turn into an easy slaughter of “libtards” and other broad categories of people they loathe, they picture themselves as the massively stronger side of America’s national divide, awaiting only one more provocation to burst their restraints and annihilate us in a hailstorm of cleansing ammo.  Such fantasies are actively encouraged by the worst of the Republican leadership, including you-know-who.

“Don’t be fooled.  And don’t be scared.”

I highly recommend reading the Infidel’s post.

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Bad Signs, Cont.

I’d say that sign offers us solid, practical advice. Bet the lawyers advised on this one.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead @NamelessCynic on the electric Twitter machine)

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

On the Jim Bakker Potato Slop Hour of Power, self-proclaimed Bobby Connor tells y’all ’bout th’ time when he “prophesied to the winds” and stopped a tornaduh dead in its tracks:

“Innit that amazin’?”

No, what is amazing is that not one person with their smart phones in hands recorded it, not even the guy looking at the doppler radar, and that no one else seems to remember this miracle happening, Praise Jeebus.

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We figured that out, pal. So have the Russians.

I Hope This Is Comrade Trump’s Official Portrait

“I’ve always been very good with loans. I love loans. I love other people’s money.”

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Marco Rubio! Man of Destiny!

Little Marco

Marco Rubio sprang from his bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and declared that indeed, Today is the Day I will Be a Man of Destiny! And thus, he rushed to Fox News to pen an editorial that will surely stand the test of time!

“At this moment though, our institutions are suffering a crisis of confidence as families fragment and communities crumble. And most Americans view every branch of government with disdain.

“As we have seen, these problems do not necessarily fade from one election to the next. In fact, they may intensify. The path forward will require Americans, their political leaders, the news media and countless others to set aside the political tribalism that dominates today’s culture.

“Americans need to view one another as friends, neighbors and coworkers – not Republicans or Democrats…

“How does a divided nation overcome corrosive tribalism? Ultimately, we need a restoration of family and community. In the meantime, we should do no further harm. To this end, I am proposing a constitutional amendment to prevent the next political and cultural flashpoint: the packing of the Supreme Court for partisan gains.

“Our nation may not be on the brink of civil war or dissolution, but we are suffering a crisis of confidence and we cannot withstand further erosion of trust in one another and our institutions.”

Erosion in our trust and confidence in institutions! That’s some powerful stuff!

Wait, what’s that you said, Marco? About Merrick Garland, even though you never met with the man even once; you know, a flashpoint of tribalism, as it were:

And with that, Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio, the Cold Warrior for a New Generation, and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 65 and under the age of death, brushed his teeth, put on his footie jammies, and said his prayers, concluding with, “Maybe tomorrow I will be a Man of Destiny!”


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Geography is Hard, Barbie

There are some design flaws in the wall.

CNBC tells us

“The White House is targeting a windfall from an international banking scandal to help pay for the border wall, according to an administration official.

“French bank Societe Generale struck a deal with the U.S government in November to pay $1.3 billion after admitting that it violated U.S. sanctions on Cuba and Iran for years. The administration is hoping to funnel as much as $359 million from that settlement to a special account at the Treasury Department to fund the wall, the official said.”


So Mexico is now France?

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Now we know why they fly.

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New Zealand Shows Us How

Republican voter

New Zealand is banning military-style semi-automatic weapons following the Christchurch terror attack. The government will also introduce a gun buy-back scheme.

Six days after 50 people were killed as they attended two mosques, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the ban.

This could be us if our politicians only had the backbone. We are so eff’ed in the dark.

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Comrade Stupid Learns New Word, Uses It!

Blood is the harvest

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us the secret plan that Comrade Stupid is going to use in the 2020 Goat Rodeo:

“President Donald Trump has enlisted his senior economic advisers to flesh out one of his early 2020 presidential campaign themes: Socialism is coming. In recent months, traditionally staid official White House economic reports and briefings have begun to emphasize the potentially massive costs of an ambitious socialist agenda and warn that America could transform into a Cold War dystopia.

“While last year’s Economic Report to the President, a congressionally mandated annual summary of the state of the economy, didn’t once mention ‘socialism,’ the word appears more than 100 times in this year’s 700-page-plus tome. The 2019 report, released earlier this week, features an entire chapter on the subject, which includes a recounting of the economic fallout from socialist experiments in China, the Soviet Union and Cuba. … The messaging — which Democrats call preposterously exaggerated — marks a remarkable synergy in the themes being discussed among both Trump’s economic and campaign teams.

“It also marks a compromise between Trump advisers who have long wanted him to spend more time touting positive economic news and Trump’s fear-based rhetoric about his rivals. During last fall’s midterm election campaign, some Trump advisers wanted him to talk less about immigration and more about job growth, low unemployment numbers or manufacturing.”

“Many hectares of beet harvest, best in decade, comrades. Starvation will be minimal.”

Look, it’s ridiculous that the Republicans in 2019 are using a 1950s John Birch Society, cold war messaging against the Democrats. But more to the point and Politico doesn’t touch it, this is an official report to the Congress, and it is full of political positioning. I hope someone in authority points that out. I don’t know if Congress has to accept this report of if they can reject it as so much manure for the beet field.

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