Fashion Week Continues!

Walter Van Beirendonck’s fall fashion lines are in, gents, and LARGE HANDS are in style, bigly. I wonder why?

Click the image for more!

Also/too: fashion for the Bears (big and hirsute men) from the same designer!

(hat tip: Scissorhead Bluegal)

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Happy Earth Day

We’ll start with a Tweet or two from Hair Führer to set the mood:

And two tweets before that:

These things are NOT unrelated. And now a musical interlude to calm my raging blood pressure.

Seattle had a March for Science, too/also, and it started in my neighborhood and appropriately ended at the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located.

I hope everyone had a good Earth Day.

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Today in History

Sean pines away his days.

2009: Sean Hannity volunteers to be waterboarded for charity, and to prove that it is not torture.

It’s been eight long years, Sean. We’re still waiting. I got a glass of water with your name on it.

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100 Quatloos Says…

More Exciting News From Trump Tower!

Congress is threatening us by returning to work next week (allegedly) to pass some form of funding to keep the government (and therefore the country) working, so of course this is when Hair Führer starts lobbing cinderblocks onto the freeway:

  • Another ACA repeal&replace attempt before funding the government
  • Fund the Great Wall of Xenophobia or ELSE (and make Messico pay for it)
  • Reveal his “massive” tax cut plan by Wednesday

So, next week should really be fun to watch. One thing we are willing to be 100 Quatloos is that no matter what happens, the Dims will be blamed because as we all know from our civics classes (back when Civics was taught) is that it is axiomatic that it is always the Dims’ fault, even when Republicans control both Houses of Congress and the White House.

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Bad Ads, Cont.


I have no idea what it is, but at 2-for-1 and no bullshit, I better get some before the sale ends!

(Hat tip: our friend @NamelessCynic on the Twitter device)

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

…and drive you to drink in a good way, today: Brian Brown, the president of NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has been pleading all week for donations. It seems that once the ‘mos could legally marry, his fundraising fell through the floor.

Let’s peak at his pity-party:

Dear Marriage Supporter: I wish I didn’t have to write you about this, but I don’t know who else to turn to for help. NOM is in the midst of a critically-important Matching Fund Drive that began on Monday. We need to raise $100,000 to avoid making drastic budget cuts, and we’re way behind. Can you help with an immediate financial contribution? Whatever amount you can give will be doubled thanks to a matching gift from a generous donor.

Brown doesn’t know who to turn to because he’s already milked the marks dry.

I have to be honest with you, right now we’re running very low on funds and are counting on the success of this Matching Fund Drive to give us a boost so that we can continue with all the critical programs we have underway.

It costs a lot to continuously fail, I guess.

Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, said yesterday that he expects there will be another vacancy on the Supreme Court as soon as this summer. Other sources have said the same thing in recent weeks.

And you need the money to do what, exactly?

That means that we need to be ready at a moment’s notice to spring into action to urge the appointment of a strong constitutionalist to the Court, someone who will have the courage to vote to reverse the illegitimate, anti-constitutional Obergefell ruling that redefined marriage.

I don’t think you really need to worry, Bri. Trump already has a long list of people vetted by all the Wingnuttian Think Tanks, and it isn’t a matter of having another Justice: you have to have a case that would make the SCOTUS re-think their previous ruling, and frankly, that ain’t gonna happen.

Brian, you ran a good grift after Maggie left NOM in a ditch, but it’s over. Your fundraising fell off because people know a lost cause when they see it.

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Midday Palate Cleanser

“Of course black cats have souls…”

“…for instance, I have YOURS! Bwah-ha-ha!”

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Pence in Asia Continues!

“Oh look…”

“…I can see Sarah Palin from here!”

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NK Reacts to US Armada Going Wrong Way

“Typical man…”

“I think they are backing up now.”

“…gets lost and won’t ask for directions.”

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Trump: The Dog Ate My Homework

Trump’s First 100 Days

Hair Führer is trying to get ahead of one of the worst first 100 days in preznintal history, and less anyone forgets, the government is likely to shut down on day 100 if they cannot cut a deal to keep the doors open.

And less anyone forgets…

and one wag on Twitter noted:

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