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Happy Hour News Briefs

Lance Wallnau has an angry prayer to Gawd for Comrade Horny.

Dude is gonna stroke out, which would make a pretty great season finale.

Also, too: is he recording this at a library? Way past time to ask him to leave.

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Nancy Reagan Called, She’d Like Her War On Drugs Back

The return of Just Say Nyet.


“Mr. Trump commends the DOJ’s action in prosecuting drug trafficking crimes, saying “If you break the law and illegally peddle these deadly poisons, we will find you, we will arrest you, and we will hold you accountable.”

“If we don’t get tough on the drug dealers we’re wasting our time. That toughness includes the death penalty,” he said of a more controversial measure to targeting drug traffickers…

“He also announced a nationwide education campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of opioid misuse as well as support for research in identifying alternative therapies and expand treatment options for addicts.

“As part of this education framework, the president said the administration would be looking to create “unsavory” commercials to “scare” kids from using drugs.

“Kids can see these commercials they can say ‘I don’t want any part of it’, that’s the least expensive thing we can do,” he said.

“He said the ads, similar to ones implemented in the 1980’s, would “scare them from ending up like the people in the commercials.”

There goes another trillion Ameros and a generation behind bars.

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Cambridge Analytica

Axios reports:

“A 4-month undercover investigation conducted by the UK’s Channel 4 News revealed that Cambridge Analytica says it has secretly campaigned in more than 200 elections around the world, using shady tactics that include bribery and prostitution in order to entrap politicians in compromising situations. The company says they “entirely refute” the allegations.

“Why it matters: Cambridge Analytica worked for Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 presidential elections, and is at the center of a controversy for its role in harvesting data from more than 50 million Facebook profiles. Facebook announced Monday that it has hired a digital forensics firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of the company.”

These are the guys who stole data from Facebook and (probably) gave Candidate Stupid his Electoral College win.

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Hey Guys, Nancy Pelosi is Not ‘The Clash’

TFW Nancy Pelosi is behind you.

…and so quit asking if she should stay or if she should go. That’s her decision.

Anyway, one of the more predictable outcomes of the Conor Lamb win last week was a renewed focus on Nancy Pelosi. You see, even though Lamb was a Democratic candidate, he ran against Pelosi. And remember PA-18 have a Cook’s PVI score of R+11 and that Candidate Stupid won the district by 20 points in the 2016 Goat Rodeo. So what we can conclude from that is that in a deep red district, in the heart of Trump Territory, running as a Blue Dog, Lamb did what he needed to do to win, and that was to distance himself from Pelosi.

Lamb was a good match for PA-18, and if the Dims wants to take Congress, then we must hold our nose and support Blue Dogs. Purity has its place, but you have to get to the table to play your cards. There’s no way that the GOP is gonna bring up any legislation that we want, the only way to do that is to run the table. And that means supporting Blue Dogs.

(As I noted last week, as much as I wished the entire country had the San Francisco Agenda, it doesn’t. And what works in SF will not work elsewhere. Probably not even in Los Angeles. And not in the People’s Republic of Berkeley, too. )

So, Lesson 1: Don’t generalize that running against Pelosi is what all Dims must do. That said, I think there is something we can learn from Lamb’s victory, and in a weird way, he stole it from the Republicans, which brings us to …

Lesson 2: The only national Republican that Lamb attacked was Zombie-eyed Granny-starver Paul Ryan. Lamb made Ryan into a Nancy Pelosi-style boogyman. It’s pretty ingenious when you think about it, especially because Ryan is as disliked as amply be-Chinned Mitch McConnell with Comrade Stupid’s base. Everyone you want to vote for you will nod their head in agreement if you attack ZEGS and the Ample Chins, so this will work for Senate candidate too/also.

Lesson 3: Don’t Run Against Comrade Stupid. Don’t tell the people you want to win back to the big tent how stupid they were in 2016; don’t insult them that way. Mr. Lamb never uttered the word Trump in any of his speeches. And besides, you don’t need to because…

Lesson 4: Don’t Waste Your Time. Our side already knows every reason Comrade Stupid’s gotta be impeached, you don’t have to remind us of that, and the Wingnuts don’t want to hear Trump Derangement Syndrome. Instead, use your time/money resources to say why they should vote for you.

(And once you win, ITMFA!)

So endeth the sermon.


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Midday Palate Cleanser

“He’s the muscle…”


“…but I’m the brains of this operation!”

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The Baghdad Bob of Economics

Shouty Larry Kudlow shouts

Larry Kludlow, the newest Chief Economic Advisor appointed by disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history Comrade Stupid, is the subject of a Vanity Fair post this morning: Is This Larry Kudlow’s Worst Prediction Ever?
A look back on the new National Economic Council director’s boldest calls to date.

It’s worth the read, a sort of highlights reel of the Baghdad Bob of Economics.

Spoiler Alert: Here’s the juicy framework for the article —

“We speak, of course, of ole Lar’s December 2016 bet that, far from being criticized for assembling the wealthiest Cabinet in history, Trump ought to be praised for the discerning move. Unlike the middle class, he explained, you can actually trust the wealthy. “Why shouldn’t the president surround himself with successful people,” Kudlow asked in the pages of the National Review. “Their business success demonstrates that they know how to achieve goals and convince skeptics that good deals can be made to the benefit of both sides.” More importantly, Kudlow added, “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.” Fifteen months later, how’s that bet working out? Let’s take a look!”

And then goes into a bullet list of all the grifty things that the wealthiest Cabinet in History have done so far.

Over the weekend I read a description of Comrade Stupid that made me laugh out loud: “He’s the gift that keeps on grifting.”

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OK, I make a lot of Axios, but they do redeem themselves now and then:

“On Saturday, in conjunction with the Florida students’ #NeverAgain march in D.C., teen organizers will hold more than 700 other marches across the country, covering 387 congressional districts in all 50 states.

“Marches will be held in the biggest cities — New York, L.A., Chicago, Denver and Atlanta — and also small towns, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, which is providing grants and guidance to local organizers.

“The latest count is 819 marches: 725 are in the U.S., and 94 abroad. (Search here by country, city or post code.)

“The solidarity marches are being organized partly by students, with speaking roles largely going to teens and survivors of gun violence.

“The events will include a big voter-registration push.

“In addition to marches and rallies, advocates will hold musical performances, poetry readings and moments of silence.

“Behind the curtain: The group is offering local organizers a PDF “tool kit” that includes downloadable graphics, sample Facebook and Instagram posts, a draft press release, and talking points for a rally speech or media interviews.

“The handbook’s social-media advice includes … “What to post: Photos of the march … Fun or poignant march signs … Photos of the crowd to show scale.”

“‘Be sure your tweets and instagram posts all use the hashtag #MarchForOurLives.”

“‘Tag @AMarch4OurLives, @Everytown, @MomsDemand, and @GiffordsCourage in your photo and video posts so that we can find your content and amplify it.'”

These young people continue to impress.

Anyway, I’ll be participating in Seattle (I’m sure I won’t be alone!)

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Tweet, Twit, Twat (UPDATED)

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

“Run, little Trumpling, run!”

Let’s try to get up to date with where we let off:

Is this the shart heard around the world:

Comrade Prznint Stupid has cried witch hunt! in the Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Goat Rodeo, but on Sunday he directly attacked Robert  Mueller and described his team of investigators as hardened Democrats.

Mueller himself is a registered Republican, appointed to run the FBI by Chimpy McStagger, and other members of his team are from both parties. So, you know, another LIE. (Spare me the false statement construction, media. A lie is a lie is a lie.)

Then on Saturday morning, one of Comrade Stupid’s lawyers, John Dowd, fired off a statement to The Daily Beast hoping — praying — for an end to the investigation.

Trump followed up by tweeting that “the Mueller probe should never have been started.” The WaPo said Comrade Stupid escalated his assault on federal law enforcement agencies

Dowd said he was speaking on the president’s behalf  as his counsel, but in a matter of minutes, Dowd walked that back and said he was speaking for himself.

Comrade stupid has some really dumb lawyers.


After a weekend of increasingly personal and vocal battles with Mueller, the White House extended an awkward olive branch on Sunday night, with White House lawyer Ty Cobb issuing this statement:

  • “In response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the Administration, the White House yet again confirms that the President is not considering or discussing the firing of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.”
  • But that’s too late. Veering from the White House legal strategy of cooperating with Mueller, Trump attacked him by name on Twitter, seeking to discredit the eventual findings with Republican supporters.
  • Someone familiar with the process said that was presidential frustration, and that the Trump team continues its ongoing dialogue with Mueller.

Anyway, Comrade Stupid’s tweets prompted some Republicans to warn him against attacking Mueller. Most in the GOP remained silent and therefore complicit, just as they did after Stupid cheerleaded the firing of Andrew McCabe on Friday night.

Meanwhile, we learned that McCabe made notes about his encounters with the prznint…

James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty,” out April 17, went from #15 on Amazon’s best sellers on Saturday morning, to #1 by Sunday.

Water is wet!!! — Russians went to the polls and Pooty-Poot has won another 6-year term by nearly unanimous consent (shocking!).

And I think that brings us up-to-date. Phew!

UPDATE 1: It’s baaaa-ack:

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Bad Signs, Cont.


I’m pretty sure that was photoshopped, but then again, the Magic of Macy*s…

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Building A Better Vocabulary With John Brennan

That is a mighty fine barrage of $5 words. Moral turpitude is especially delicious:

Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States and some other countries that refers to “an act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community”. This term appears in U.S. immigration law beginning in the 19th century. The concept of “moral turpitude” might escape precise definition, but it has been described as an “act of baseness, vileness, or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellowmen [sic], or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man.” The classification of a crime or other conduct as constituting moral turpitude has significance in several areas of law.

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