Preach, Brother Olbermann, Preach!

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And They Say Chivalry is Dead

Trump tries to play the funeral dirge?

Trump tries to play the funeral dirge?

Trump, who attempted to smear his accusers as ghastly liars seeking money and fame, said of the woman who told the New York Times that he had groped her on an airplane three decades ago: “Believe me, she would not be my first choice, that I can tell you. Man, you don’t know, that would not be my first choice.”

Keep digging, Donnie.

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Rush and the Unicorn

Where's that cigar been?

Where’s that cigar been?

Junkie Limbaugh tells us with a sneer:

“You know what the magic word, the only thing that matters in American sexual mores today is? One thing. You can do anything, the left will promote and understand and tolerate anything, so long as there is one element. Do you know what it is? Consent. If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine. Whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation then here come the rape police. But consent is the magic key to the left.”

Duh. It’s kinda weird because I almost agree with him.

Limbaugh allegedly negotiates his sex and leaves the appropriate amount (with tip!) on the dresser (or allegedly with the operator of the Boy Bordello in the Dominican Republic) and so his consent is transactional, but however he phrases it — magic word, element, equation — obtaining consent is proof that YOU ARE NOT RAPING SOMEONE.

What is so hard about understanding this? I mean to Rush, consent is a unicorn, but other than that.

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Your Midday Palate Cleanser

I have the same reaction when I see a barbell. Or my bar bill.

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Ben Carson Wakes Up, Wishes He Hadn’t

Bennie 'The Blade' Carson

Bennie ‘The Blade’ Carson

Lord almighty, renowned martial artist Bennie-the-Blade Carson somehow stayed awake during the entire confrontation, and probably wished that he had not (let alone demanding that someone cut the Skirt’s mic!): somnambulist

Now, of course the optics of a male Trump surrogate attacking women is old hat, and trying to press the case that assault victims are liars is bad enough, but the Shut-Up, Woman! quality to Ben’s outburst is new turf for our favorite somnambulist, indeed.

The spin, however, is pure Carson. Let’s not talk about icky sexual issues, let’s talk about how the train is heading for a cliff because of icky sexual issues.

Give ol’ Ben some warm milk and his Binky, I think he’s done for the day.

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‘Here’s a Cheese Sandwich and a Roadmap’ – AL Justice Roy Moore Asked To Clean Out His Office

The Klan Goes To Church

The Klan Goes To Church

We need some feel-good news, and I’m sorry, not sorry:

Acting chief justice Lyn Stuart sent two letters to Moore’s Etowah County home in Gallant on Monday.

In one letter Stuart states that since Moore was recently found guilty of the ethics charges he must contact the court’s marshal “to arrange the removal of your personal effects from your office and to return your keys (both brass and card) to the Judicial Building on or before October 18, 2016.”

In the other letter Stuart told Moore that “in an effort to keep the judiciary running smoothly and efficiently, any letters addressed to the Chief Justice that appear to contain official information will be opened by my staff.”

I’m sure this is going to be spun by Y’all Qaeda that this is what happens when you let the ‘mos have marriage rights. Moore was guilty of violating Judicial ethics, which could have resulted from his gross judicial activism over any law; that it happened because he ordered his clerks to refuse to enforce the US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality is actually trivial in this case.

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Udsay/Qudsay* Speaks!

Wolfram and Hart's new partners* *Hat tip: James Wolcott

Wolfram and Hart’s new partners*
*Hat tip: James Wolcott

It runs in the family:

“I’m of that mindset — and I’ll get into trouble, I’m sure I’ll get myself in trouble one of these days,” Trump began. “If you can’t handle some of the basic stuff that’s become a problem in the workforce today, then you don’t belong in the workforce. Like, you should go maybe teach kindergarten. I think it’s a respectable position.

That’s the quote that all the newsies are going with, but the whole thing is appalling:

The hosts then joked about pulling up pictures of naked women on the computer screen in their recording studio.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we showed tits and then Donald sued?” one asked.

“I’d feel harassed!” Trump Jr. joked. “This is my get-rich-quick scheme. I’m now suing you guys because I feel uncomfortable.

“And by the way, that’s what happens in the world. I can play along, I can be fine, and then I can decide randomly — ‘Uh oh, you now have crossed the line, even though I’ve been going with it.’”

Now besides the obvious point that the radio show hosts are not Udsay/Qudsay’s boss or coworkers, yes that is harassment. It leads to a hostile work environment, regardless of gender. Reverse the gender or the sexual orientation of any of the participants or the porn, and you still will come up with harassment. It’s the very definition of sexual harassment.

What is so hard to understand about this?

* I’m never sure which Trumpling is which, nor am I sure it matters.

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Pence?



In. Gov. Mike Pence, a presence less compelling than watching a termite getting fat, tells Petunia and Pals:

PENCE: “Look, you know, it’s the old cliché, the only poll that really matters, they finish up on November the 8th. I think these polls have been all over the map. I honestly think there’s something missing in the polling these days.”

KILMEAD: “What do you mean?”

(Kilmead is the original —and still the best! — stupid guy of the media.)

PENCE: “Well, it’s just, I think Donald Trump has made a connection to the frustrations and the aspirations of everyday Americans like no one in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan. When you see, against this avalanche, present company excepted here at Fox News, but this avalanche of negative media coverage that goes chasing after every potential, every potential negative story about Donald Trump every day, and still you see tens of thousands of people coming out and rallying, there’s a determination out there across the country to change the direction in this nation.”

Ah, the polls are wrong, look at the enthusiasm in the room is the new un-skew the polls? Sure, why not.

And meanwhile, even on Pravada for Republicans, Clinton is beating Trump.

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Maybe if Trump Tries it As An Airnb?

Trashing hotel rooms

Trashing hotel rooms

Last week, billionaire Mark Cuban tweeted:

…and I didn’t think much of it because: Mark Cuban. I mean he gets under Hair Furer Donald Trump’s skin and all that, but he’s not exactly Rita Mae Brown clairvoyant. And then this caught my eye:

Donald Trump’s D.C. Hotel Shows His Brand Is Sinking Along With His Poll Numbers

It’s now pretty clear that Donald Trump has been using his presidential campaign to promote his various business ventures. Remember when he touted his Turnberry, Scotland, golf course as a beneficiary of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union this summer? But if Trump hoped his campaign would elevate the value of his brand, it looks like just the opposite is happening…

The 263-room five-star hotel in the historic Old Post Office building opened last month. But even with a prime location near the White House, swanky interiors, and aggressive promotion by the candidate himself, empty rooms have forced the hotel to reduce rates during a peak season. At the same time, the hotel has lost two planned restaurants, Hispanic employees are making claims of discrimination, and protesters are gearing up to do whatever they can to cause trouble for the hotel.

The article goes on about how Trump needs an average $750/night rate to break even, and the rooms are now being discounted into the $400/night range. And the kicker? There’s an IMF event in town and other, less convenient and more expensive hotels are booked solid.

He’s gone toxic.

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Some Bailey’s for Your Cheerios, Reince?

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

“I love it when a plan comes together!”

Obvious anagram Reince Priebus reaches for the Bailey’s:

“‘The R.N.C. long ago should have cut ties with Donald Trump,’ said William E. Oberndorf, a California investor who has given more than $3 million to Republicans since 2012. ‘Reince should be fired and replaced with someone who has the competence and leadership skills to rebuild the R.N.C.’ … For all Mr. Priebus’s public expressions of loyalty, he has been deeply shaken by revelations about Mr. Trump and the rifts within the party, seeing years of Republican organizational work potentially being undone, according to multiple people who described private conversations with Mr. Priebus on the condition of anonymity. He has said he feels adrift, fearing that Mr. Trump is headed for disaster, and told one longtime associate that he was having sleepless nights. Mr. Priebus did not respond to requests for comment. …

“Should he seek another term, Mr. Priebus is expected to face competition from Mr. Trump’s critics as well as his loyalists. Matt Borges, the Ohio Republican Party chairman and an outspoken Trump detractor, is said to be considering the chairman’s post, as are several state-level officials supportive of Mr. Trump. Asked about his interest in the job, Corey Lewandowski, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager, declined to rule out a run, saying only that he was happy in his current work as a CNN commentator.”

Reince, you do recall that this is how you got the job from Michael Steele, right?

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