The Silence of the Yams

Yup, the silence is deafening. The New Confederacy may be getting in line behind GOP torchbearer and vulgar talking yam, but they are not defending Trump (very well? or at all?) against the charges Clinton made and backed-up.

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Pop Culture

The Dixie Chicks are stirring things up again:

I hope that there’s no backlash for them this time.

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The Morning Quote

"Here I Come to Screw Up The Day!"

“Here I Come to Screw Up The Day!”

Chimpy’s AG, Fredo (the absolutely dim and dishonest Alberto Gonzalez) tries to rescue Donald Trump from his incendiary comments about Mexican (and now Muslim) Judges, and manages to step on both their dicks as he comares Trump to child molestors and rapists:

“I should not matter, it does not matter who the litigant is. Whether or not they’re a terrorist, whether or not they’re a child molester, a rapist, a murderer or a racist. Everyone in this country is entitled to a fair trial before an impartial judge.”

“Or a torturer, or a War Criminal,” Gonzo did not add while oddly twitching and sobbing.”

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Your Sunday Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served

Trump addresses his followers.

Trump addresses his followers.

Vulgarmort doubles-down on his racism:

Quizzed by CBS’ John Dickerson in an interview that aired Sunday on “Face the Nation,” Trump said he’d have similar concerns about a Muslim judge.

“It’s possible, yes. Yeah. That would be possible, absolutely,” he said.

“Isn’t there sort of a tradition though in America that we don’t judge people by who their parents were and where they came from?” Dickerson replied.

And Trump countered again, “I’m not talking about tradition — I’m talking about common sense, OK?”

Keep talking, Dishonest Donnie. You’re making it so much easier for me.

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This Exists

Here’s a gift for your crazy Uncle Liberty:

scotch bullet cubes

I kinda/sorta wish these didn’t exist, but I’d rather Crazy Uncle Liberty had bullet-shaped whiskey-chilling stones than real bullets.

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And Now We Know

FL. Gov Batboy

FL. Gov Batboy

Rick Scott, FL Gov. Batboy to me and you, says that he will not be Vulgarmort’s VP because, well, you’ll see:

“In the interviews Friday on CNN and CNBC, Scott said “no” when asked if he was willing to submit to the background checks and interviews that likely would be part of getting on Trump’s short list of vice presidential candidates.”

Because he doesn’t want to reveal his taxes? That’s it? He seems like such a natural fit: ghoulish, and uncaring, will say anything.

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Saturday Morning Cartoon (Hint: not funny)

I’ve been searching for an embed of this: “Look at my African-American over here. Are you the greatest?”

Sweet Jeebus with Jeff Sessions’ accent: he thinks he owns people?

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Your Saturday Morning Bottomless Mug of Stupid Is Served, Mark Halperin

The Death of the Media

Drooling fuckknuckle

A bust from The Pantheon of Dunces

JOHN HEILEMANN (HOST): Let’s just say this first of all, when Trump does what he did in that Tapper interview, and he did it over and over again, he kept calling Curiel a Mexican, right? It is not even dog whistle politics. It is just pure racial politics.

MARK HALPERIN (HOST): No, it’s not racial.

HEILEMANN: It’s racial politics. It is.

HALPERIN: Mexico isn’t a race.

And this is what MSNBC pays Bloomberg for the right to rebroadcast?

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RIP, Muhammad Ali

Giants once walked amongst us, and few will ever be greater than Muhammad Ali. Dave Zirin writes about Muhammad Ali often, and his Muhammad Ali Handbook is pretty terrific stuff. He really was a champion in every sense of the word.

We are diminished that Ali is gone, but we are so much better for his having been with us.

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Fashion Week Continued!


Worst. Slumber. Party. Ever.

(OK, in the ’70s, were these a thing? Really?)

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