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From Beyond The Grave

From Beyond The Grave

“Argentina invades Great Britain’s Falkland Islands. Hours later, UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick attends a dinner at the Argentine embassy.”

Excerpt From: Paul Slansky. “The Clothes Have No Emperor.” With permission of the author.

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Trump: ‘Get Back In That Bottle, Genie!’

Trump's GOP

Trump’s GOP

Vulgarmort, sensing that he really stepped in it and smeared it through his YUUUGE mansion, is trying to back-peddle his forced-birth sound-byte on punishing women who have an abortion:

“The laws are set. And I think we have to leave it that way,” the GOP presidential frontrunner said in a Friday preview of a CBS “Face The Nation” interview that is set to air in full on Sunday.

During the interview, Trump also repeatedly declined to say whether he believed abortion was murder, though he said he doesn’t “disagree” with people who do.

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Your Kind Cannot Pee Here, cont.

Gov. McRory is proud of this ad showing a predator entering a bathroom.

Gov. McRory is proud of this ad showing a predator entering a bathroom.

The fallout continues for North Carolina’s unvarnished hatred of LGBTQ people. It looks like the Obama Administration is looking into cutting off federal funding according to the NYTimes:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is considering whether North Carolina’s new law on gay and transgender rights makes the state ineligible for billions of dollars in federal aid for schools, highways and housing, officials said Friday.

Cutting off any federal money — or even simply threatening to do so — would put major new pressure on North Carolina to repeal the law, which eliminated local protections for gay and transgender people and restricted which bathrooms transgender people can use. A loss of federal money could send the state into a budget crisis and jeopardize services that are central to daily life.

The Times asked various departments about what this would look like for North Carolina:

  • Department of Transportation provides $1 Billion
  • Department of Education last year provided $4.3 Billion (Policy Mic last week noted that it is possible that Title IX might be violated, which is totally enforceable and has precedent)
  • HUD is looking into it, and is not sure how much they provide

Additionally, at least 100 national companies have signed a letter of protest indicating that they will lessen their involvement in North Carolina. Some Examples:

New Jersey-based Braeburn Pharmaceuticals said it is “reevaluating our options based on the recent, unjust legislation” whether to build a $20 million manufacturing and research facility in Durham County. The 50 new jobs paying an average of nearly $76,000 a year were announced two weeks ago.

Lionsgate, the California-based entertainment company, had been lining up hotel and equipment rentals and hiring more than 100 workers in North Carolina, but decided to shoot its pilot episode for a comedy series in Canada instead, said Jennifer Irvine, a Charlotte production coordinator.

Significant, too, is that start-up funding for the tech sector in North Carolina is drying up. Google Ventures has announced no money for startups there until the law is repealed. The Research Triangle is a hotbed of Life Science and Bio-Tech companies.

Travel boycotts are in place from the cities of Washington DC, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and Portland, as well as the states of New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and Washington.

So bigotry has a price. We hop that Mississippi is watching as North Carolina destroys their robust economy in the same fashion that Indiana did and is still trying to dig out, even after repealing their poorly considered We Don’t Serve Your Kind law. Georgia dodged a bullet.

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Your Saturday Bottomless Mug of Stupid is Served, Sarah Palin

Oh, sweet Jeebus, someone left an unguarded mic and Donald Trump campaign surrogate Mooselini throws-down some free-verse rap:

Yeah, it’s long, but it’s worth the wait when you get to:

“What the heck are you thinking, candidates? What the heck are you thinking when you’re actually asking for more immigrants — even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in. Even inducing and seducing them with gift baskets: ‘Come on over the border and here’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls.”

Thank-you Grandpa Walnuts for introducing the nation to this world-class idiot.

"...putting on the RAAAAGHTZ"

“…putting on the RAAAAGHTZ”

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Fashion Week Continued

Hello Sailor

Well, hello sailor!

(Personally, I would not have given a man in his nightshirt standing at the window the prop of binoculars…)

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As Driftglass ( @mr_electrico) Says… (News That Will Drive You To Drink)

Happy Hour News Briefs

News That Will Drive You To Drink…There is a club. You are not in it.

He’s baaa-aack

New York Magazine editor-in-chief Adam Moss announced today that writer Andrew Sullivan is joining the magazine as a contributing editor covering politics and the larger culture. He will write features throughout the year, and cover the 2016 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. He begins his new role today.

It’s so weird. Who could have predicted that the Villagers would hire another Villager? It’s musical chairs without ever taking away a chair or adding a new player (exception: Luke Russert).

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Forced Birth Fallout, Cont.

baby-flipping-off.jpgAs we continue to explore how the forced-birthers are dealing with the fallout from Trump’s now-retracted comment that women who have abortions should be punished by the law, perhaps no one was more flat-footed and plodding than the leader of the anti-abortion campaign group Susan B. Anthony List Marjorie Dannenfelser, who was interviewed by NPR’s Steve Inskeep:

INSKEEP: Trump made another statement that got some attention, but a little bit less. He said that if abortion were to be banned in the United States, that women would, quote, “go back to illegal places.” They’d return to what were sometimes called back-alley abortions. He says that’s the natural conclusion. He still thinks that abortion has to be banned, but that this would happen.

Is he actually right about that? If abortion were banned, if Roe v. Wade were overturned by the Supreme Court someday, would women return to illegal and often much more dangerous abortions?

DANNENFELSER: No. This reveals another lack of knowledge of what is ready and where we’re – where we were prepared for rolling back the abortion laws. You know, as you know, they’re – abortion laws are non-existent pretty much up until the birth of the child.

If those children are allowed to live and a woman is in need of help, there are hundreds of pregnancy care centers across the country, millions of people ready to come to her aid. So no, I don’t believe that that’s necessarily at all. And we’re far more ready now then we were before Roe to help women and children in situations like that.

INSKEEP: You feel it wouldn’t be necessary, but in about 15 seconds, isn’t that the reality? That is what would happen in some cases?

DANNENFELSER: That women would go to back alleys?

INSKEEP: Yeah, in some cases.

DANNENFELSER: I – if a woman feels that that is where she’s been driven, she hasn’t been reached by someone who says, I will help you. There’s always a dreadful possibility that something terrible would happen no matter what a law is, but it is incumbent upon the pro-life movement and Americans in general to help a woman who is in that type of need.

Got that? Desperate women would go to one of those shame emergency centers to be peer-pressured to keep their rapist’s baby. Yeah, that’ll happen.

That woman must be on something.

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“Some Say,” Some Said

The Death of the Media

Catch a wave!

Catch a wave!

Once again, Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) wins the morning as they breathlessly tell us—without attribution—how things are going in cite the 2016 Goat Rodeo. They conclude from these sources that in Wisconsin Ayatollah Ted and Bernie Sanders will win their respective contests next Tuesday!

Let’s listen in, shall we?

  • said one Wisconsin Republican
  • added an Iowa Republican
  • said a Pennsylvania Republican
  • Added a Republican in North Carolina
  • And an Iowa Republican took the long view
  • said a Wisconsin Republican
  • 53 percent said
  • But the other 47 percent said
  • said an Ohio Republican
  • added a Colorado Republican
  • But other Republicans said
  • the Florida Republican said
  • added an Ohio Republican
  • 64 percent of insiders said
  • was nearly unanimous
  • said one Wisconsin Democrat
  • Added another
  • Some Clinton supporters are hoping
  • a Wisconsin Democrat said
  • one Wisconsin Democrat stressed
  • the Democrat said
  • another Wisconsin Democrat suggested
  • the Democrat said

This is our free and unfettered press, hard(ly) at work. And we remind everyone that without attribution, without being on the record, this is idle speculation and gossip.

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Pop Quiz!

Future Spokesman for Hair Club for Men

Future Spokesman for Hair Club for Men

Everyone is speculating about what failed 2016 Goat Rodeo contender and Student Council President for Life Marco Rubio is going to do next! He’s not running for office and as we noted earlier he is being considered for RNC leadership (an oxy seeking a moron if ever there was one), and then there’s this breaking news:

Marco Rubio sets his sights on the NFL (Spoiler Alert: NFL Dolphins insiders say nuh-uh.)

So, for 17% of one point counting towards your mid-term essay, tell us what you predict Marco Rubio’s next career will be! No. 2 Lead Pencils in the Blue Book.

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Crazy Unkka Pat, Cont.

Vulgarmort really ripped off the Bandaid with his (now retracted) comment that women should be punished for having an abortion. Yesterday we cited our theocratic man crush Theodore Shoebat who wants (what else?) women to be executed for having abortions. Today, Crazy Unkka Pat weighs in:

Operation Rescue and other Forced-Birth Groups must be reeling by now. This is exactly the language that they’ve been trying to sweep under the rug since they took up the fight. It was always that the procedure would be illegal, or at most the doctor would be arrested, but now that Y’all Qaeda is openly calling for punishing women, the wheels are falling off the bus.

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