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Alito Gives Us A Clue Of What Is Next

The Torquemada of Trenton, Justice Sammie tells us what is on his mind, and thus we cannot say we were not warned: In the speech, Alito ran through a detailed examination of statutory textualism and reiterated his disagreement with Justice … Continue reading

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GOP: ‘The Right To Life Ends At Birth’

American parents have been struggling for weeks with a nationwide baby formula shortage (Ed Note: I really hate the phrasing baby formula, it sounds like a euphemism for making babies). The shortage was caused by an enormous recall of tainted baby … Continue reading

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More, Please

  Hat tip: Scissorhead MDavis

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Republicans: ‘Lets Talk About The Weather’

Facing a backlash before the 2022 Pie Fight, The He-Man Women Haters Club, er, Republicans, who finally have achieved their lifetime goal of making every sperm sacred are now talking about anything but their stunning victory over The Skirts: “It … Continue reading

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Some Post-Prandial Stupid?

Our old pal One-L has the Trump-Virus and cannot be on camera because you might see how ill she really is: Michele Bachmann was on a prayer call last night and explained why she was unable to appear on camera: … Continue reading

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Republicans Are The Problem

Alert readers and good Scissorheads may recall that when the January 6 Committee was being formed, House Speaker Nancy ’Smash’ Pelosi refused to accept Gym Jordan as a participant, and it seems she was prescient: WASHINGTON (AP) — Rioters who … Continue reading

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You Will Have Your Rapists Baby, Ladies

This is what we are all up against: Ohio State Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) defends her cruel bill, which is a near-total abortion ban with no exception for rape: “Rape is a difficult issue, and it emotionally scars the individual … Continue reading

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GOP Worried That GOP Will Have To Deal With The Leader of The GOP

As long as we are talking about Fails and Whales, Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie leads with the prospect of Fat Nixon returning to Twitter now that Elon Musk owns $45B Ameros of free speech: … Continue reading

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Some Fries with Your Stupid?

Incels Today Charlie Kirk asserts that tall buildings make people liberal: "The higher the building, the more liberal the voter. It just is. The closer to the ground you are, the more conservative you are" — Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) … Continue reading

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Every Accusation is a Confession, Part Infinity

Republicans are grooming little girls to be child brides: Tennessee Republicans are pushing a proposal to create a new type of marriage with no age restrictions that would be available only to heterosexual couples — Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) April 5, … Continue reading

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