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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News She seems nice: GOP Candidate for CA Sec. of State Claims She Inspired Witch’s Murder In her bid to be California’s Secretary of State, Republican candidate Rachel Hamm has the backing of some of the leading lights … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Theocrats?

I’m getting more in the Halloween spirit, thanks to Scissorhead Fran: Nope. Not gonna change Halloween to JesusWeen. Won’t be giving out Left Behind books instead of king size Snickers bars either. — Tim Schenck (@FatherTim) October 20, 2021 … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News   Sweet Jeebus: Moving the goalposts all the way to heaven 😇 — Erin And A Half Ryan (@morninggloria) August 28, 2021 That is not faith, that is the very definition of Giving Up. (Hat tip: … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News I just cannot say this loudly enough: if you think you know God’s ineffable plan, you will be disabused of this notion in the most public way possible:   Cardinal Burke is placed on ventilator days after … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Well, the Jeebus Freaks are totally eff’ed in the dark: “Even within the GOP, White evangelicals are on the decline: White evangelicals have gone from 37% of the GOP in 2006 to 29% in 2020.” “Just as … Continue reading

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The Stupid… It Burnnnnnnns!

Dennis Prager: "The great killer is cold, not heat. So global warming has actually been saving lives" — Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) July 6, 2021 Every claim is a confession or projection, and few project like Prager. Seriously, listen to … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

Well, Jerry Falwell Junior is gonna reserve the whole front row. We hear he likes to watch.

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Your Postprandial Stupid is Served

Shorter theocracy: “Jeebus died for our sins, and it is time YOU repaid him.”

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Please remember that churches are tax-exempt because preachers are not allowed to talk politics from the pulpit: Self-proclaimed "prophet" Robin Bullock declares that it's a sin to recognize Joe Biden as president and asserts that cannot pray … Continue reading

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Bad Design, Cont.

Gives deeper meaning to “Thy rod and thy staff comfort me,” now don’t it?

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