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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News   Sweet Jeebus: Moving the goalposts all the way to heaven 😇 — Erin And A Half Ryan (@morninggloria) August 28, 2021 That is not faith, that is the very definition of Giving Up. (Hat tip: … Continue reading

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He Seems Nice, Part Infinity

Sports Update Facebook rage uncle and noted theocrat Gary Cass watched some of the RIO Olympics and tells us: “Is it politically incorrect to lament there isn’t an Olympic Scimitar event so the Muslims could have a chance to win … Continue reading

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He Seems Nice, part infinity

ME Governor Paul LePage continues to astound and delight his natural base of waterheads and bigots: “Already our restaurants in the summer, if you go on the coast, it’s hard to hear what they’re saying. You ever try to say … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Bottomless Flute of Stupid

“We’re paying them about $15,000 a year in free health care, free food, free shelter, free clothing, free transportation,” Brooks said. “That answers very quickly why so many of them want to come to the United States of America.” “We’re … Continue reading

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Why Are The Dogs Barking, GOP?

The New Confederacy is many things but consistent is what they are, most of all: Poll: Majority of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim “A majority of Republican voters, 54 percent, think that President Obama is a Muslim, according to … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

In which we learn that Jeebus weeps because of the anti-bullying Day of Silence discourages the Xristian Youts from gay-bashing. Continue reading

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Your 3-Martini Stupid

Novelty 2016 Goat Rodeo contender Ben Carson ominously suggests that The Kenyan Usurper is guilty of TREASON! because he won’t give in to Y’all Qaeda’s demands to deport 11 million people.

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Claim Chowder: Santorum-style (ew, gross!)

Hey guys, remember that time that frothy mix of lube and fecal matter Rick ‘Google Me’ Santorum told us that all of the jobs created since the year 2000 (all 6 million of ’em) went to legal immigrants and no … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Ethnobiology Scholoar Rev. Fishsticks explains what Nation of Immigrants means, obviously. Or doesn’t mean. Or something?

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Where Are They Now?

Hey guys, remember that Minn. Wingnut who declared a Holy Crusade against Mooselims last week? I mean other than One-L (this time). Haha, trick question! Anyway, Jack Whitley, who famously said: “They are muslims, they are terrorist (sic), we know … Continue reading

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