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Yesterday’s Quote of the Day Today!

“There was fault on both sides. The interrupting on both sides, the name-calling was very unbecoming for a presidential debate.” — Susan Collins taking a very firm stand

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Sen. Collins Concerned: Traitor Joe Gives The Kiss of Death to Susan Collins

And speaking of the 3 Amigos: Joe Lieberman endorses Susan Collins: ‘I’m a lifelong Democrat but I put my country first’ Former Democratic senator and 2000 vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman (Conn.) endorsed Republican Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) in an … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast…

…the anti-Susan Collins ad versus the Lord Damp Nut ad in the previous post. I think we made our point that the rat-eff’ers on the right know a lot more about how to eff the rat than we can ever … Continue reading

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As The Swallows Return To Old San Juan…

…Susan Collins returns to the fold. WASHINGTON ― Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced Tuesday that she does not support removing President Donald Trump from office, sticking with her party on another controversial vote ahead of a tough reelection fight in … Continue reading

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As Was Foretold in Prophecy (or at least on MPS)

Pay-up, bitchez! Now that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has expressed being disturbed by amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch coordinating the impeachment trial with The Russian Usurper,  it was only a matter of time for Susan Collins to become concerned: “Maine Senator Susan Collins … Continue reading

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The Outsiders

Vanity Fair (fair warning: behind a paywall, methinks) has a piece up that makes predictions and sort of classifies a lot of (allegedly) power players in DC. This particular clump caught my attention: “In the lead-up to the Senate vote … Continue reading

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Justice #Gangbang Has The Votes

Axios tells us that Susan Collins announced on the Senate floor that she will vote “yes” to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, the Mayor of Keg City, to the Supreme Court. Shorter Susan Collins: “I have decided that Roe v. Wade should be … Continue reading

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One Down…

Sen. Susan Collins says that this travesty of an investigation was thorough, you know, for one that did not interview either primary sources (the victim or the accuser), which means that the FBI isn’t investigating the obvious perjury of Caveman … Continue reading

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The Spidey-Senses of Sen. Susan Collins

Sen. Susan Collins shows us once again that she is an independent, principled GOPer. Haha, I jest! Collins said that when she met with the president to discuss the need to fill the seat of Kennedy, who announced his retirement … Continue reading

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