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Maths. How Do They Work?

Is Hot Ham, er, Scottie Walker just stupid or just lying to fifth graders (and still stupid)? Explaining tax rates before Reagan to 5th graders: “Imagine if you did chores for your grandma and she gave you $10. When you … Continue reading

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The Spy Who Loved Pee*

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac   Tiger Beat on the Potomac tells us… A federal grand jury indicted Mariia Butina on Tuesday on charges of conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent, adding a new charge against the Russian national, who was arrested over the … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Gov. Walker?

If you like the past 8 years, vote @HillaryClinton. — Scott Walker (@ScottWalker) November 1, 2016 ‘Hot Ham’ Walker really didn’t expect Twitter to say that they liked the last eight years; The Kenyan Usurper has a higher approval … Continue reading

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Breaking News From The Cleveland Convention

Gov. Scott Walker will speak at Republican National Convention Swear to blog, Trump really must be desperate for anyone to be a speaker if he invited this ‘Hot Ham’ Walker.

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Lying Liar Lied

Crooks and Liars tells us: Last year, just as Scott Walker was getting his official pre-official presidential bid running at full speed, it was discovered that he wanted to do away with the Wisconsin Idea. What is the Wisconsin Idea? … Continue reading

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Best Lede Ever

Madison— Like a tiresome house guest, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign debt is lingering. The latest federal filing shows that the GOP governor still has nearly $900,000 in debt from his unsuccessful presidential run, and that donations to retire it … Continue reading

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WI: Get Out… the vote

Rat-Effing for fun and profit Noted wall-eyed git, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, hot ham aficionado extraordinaire, hired by the Koch Brothers to further enrich their midwestern fortune, really wants to make voting easier. He signed a bill into law that … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Scottie?

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) breathlessly wins the morning as they tell us (in the morning email thingie): EMAIL DU JOUR — Scott Walker, with subject line, “Get your mug”: “My favorite memories from the campaign trail were … Continue reading

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The Maths is Hard, Scottie!

Internationally renowned Hot Ham impresario Scott Walker, the failed 2016 Goat Rodeo contender from midwest Kochistan tells us his plan for better jobs and economy in his state: Addressing local officials from the Wisconsin Counties Association at a hotel in … Continue reading

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The Positive, Conservative Message Of Scott Walker: “D’oh”

We have not checked in for a long while with our old pal, hot ham cognoscente Scott Walker, the notorious wall-eyed git hired to further enrich the fortune of Koch Industries in the midwest, and the greatest fanboi of the … Continue reading

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