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Staff-banging serial adulterer.

Old Man Yells At Kids On Lawn, Clouds

Staff-banging serial-adulterer Noot —the man who loves America sooo much he just had to bang someone who wasn’t his wife— was dusted off in the green room, spritzed with a little Brut to cover the old-man stank, and made a … Continue reading

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K-Mac Looks For Help, Finds Noot

Newticles, the disgraced staff-banging, serial adulterer former Republican Speaker of the House is back, baby, and bigger than ever: Newt Gingrich, whose “Contract with America” in 1994 is linked with the GOP takeover of Congress in that midterm cycle, said … Continue reading

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This takes some brass — Callista Gingrich (@CallyGingrich) December 25, 2021 Manners tells us that you don’t get to use the exact title  honorifics once you leave the position; allegedly ambassadors and other appointees can use The Honorable, but even Emily Post would … Continue reading

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Thanks A Lot, Noot

Just gonna remind everyone that the debt ceiling was automatic until Newticles became a Republican Superstar and weaponized it as leverage. That’s our history lesson. Anyway, the Pod Save Whatevs newsletter does a bit of sussing out our options for … Continue reading

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Water Seeks Its Own Level, Part Infinity

Well, I suppose Newticles and Lord Damp Nut might find something in common? Trump is starting to put together his own Contract with America. And he’s teaming up with Newt. With an eye toward winning back the House and Senate … Continue reading

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News From Floriduh

.@newtgingrich and I are looking forward to being residents of the great state of Florida! ☀️ — Callista Gingrich (@CallyGingrich) April 30, 2021 Look-out, Floriduh, you’ve been warned! Q: Does Floriduh have an Amber Alert?

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Noot has some interesting ideas about the law: Newt Gingrich says that confronting members of Congress is an arrestable offense. — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) September 22, 2020 Say it with me, Scissorheads:    

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Frank Luntz Tells Us What The GOP Stands For: Absolutely Nothing

This story in Tiger Beat by Tim Alberta (chief political correspondent for Politico Magazine) is everything: Earlier this month, while speaking via Zoom to a promising group of politically inclined high school students, I was met with an abrupt line … Continue reading

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It’s Pathological with The GOP

Frank Luntz —the Republicans word-person who worked hand-n-glove with Newticles in the ’90s to develop the so-called Power Words strategy at GoPAC that pretty much destroyed democracy —takes us on a tour of his home office. . @FrankLuntz gives a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Newticles!

It’s the staff-banging serial adulterer Newt Gingrich’s birthday today! Callista wants to give you a blow-out bash, no doubt. I’m sure you are up for it!

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