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Pop Quiz!

Hey guys, did you know that Matt Gaetz (R – Drunk Tank) is a dad? It’s true! For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, … Continue reading

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Floriduh Man

Tiger Beat: “Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz has spent nearly $200,000 in taxpayer funds renting an office from a longtime friend, adviser, campaign donor and legal client. “Both men said in separate interviews Gaetz paid below market rent for the … Continue reading

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Eiron, The Goddess of Irony, Laughed So Hard She Farted

Reviewing the coronavirus supplemental appropriation and preparing to go vote. — Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) March 4, 2020 | Notable prop-comic Rep. Matt Gaetz will be taking some time off to go into quarantine: Two Republican members of Congress … Continue reading

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2-Drink Minimum

Hey guys, remember this? Rep. Matt Gaetz wears gas mask on House floor during vote on coronavirus response package Haha, such a kidder, amirite? 2-Drink minimum! One of his constituents just died from the Coronavirus.

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The Big Race!

Matt Gaetz and Lindsey Graham racing for the worst take of the day: — Angry Staffer (@AngrierWHStaff) October 24, 2019 (Hat tip: Scissorhead MDavis)

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Floriduh Man for the Win!

We might have mentioned that in addition to a bringing bucket of fried chicken to a congressional hearing, the Dems thought that exhuming John Dean—Tricky Dick Nixon’s former White House Counsel (fired)—was a masterstroke of political theater, except for the … Continue reading

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