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The GOP Civil War Just Got Hotter

I’m not sure what TeeVee Dinner heir, vanity press owner, self-identified gay basher and notable Black Studies scholar Tucker Carlson is getting at here… Frank Luntz & Kevin McCarthy. Not only are they friends. They are roommates. — Tucker … Continue reading

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Frank Luntz Tells Us What The GOP Stands For: Absolutely Nothing

This story in Tiger Beat by Tim Alberta (chief political correspondent for Politico Magazine) is everything: Earlier this month, while speaking via Zoom to a promising group of politically inclined high school students, I was met with an abrupt line … Continue reading

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It’s Pathological with The GOP

Frank Luntz —the Republicans word-person who worked hand-n-glove with Newticles in the ’90s to develop the so-called Power Words strategy at GoPAC that pretty much destroyed democracy —takes us on a tour of his home office. . @FrankLuntz gives a … Continue reading

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