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The Morning Quote

“It is ridiculous that we have had a sitting United States congressman suing a fake farmyard animal, let alone me, for being mean to him on Twitter.” —Republican Strategist Liz Mair, upon learning 2 lawsuits against her by Devin Nunes … Continue reading

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Conspiracies Well, I didn’t see this one coming: it seems that Tinfoil helmeted Tucker Carlson’s claims of being spied upon by the NSA are so important that House Minority Leader K-Mac has charged known super-brain and House Permanent Select Committee … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News This is absurd (and totally in character for this idjits): Bill Barr’s DOJ Secretly Tried to Unmask a Devin Nunes Parody Account in the Last Weeks of the Trump Presidency, Filing Reveals Weeks after the 2020 presidential … Continue reading

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‘Mommmmmm, You’re Embarrassing Me’

Rep. Devin Nunes comes by his unethical ethics and dishonesty, um,  honestly: Devin Nunes’ Mom F*cked Up His Campaign Finance Reports Two political committees belonging to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) have spent the past two days filing amended FEC reports … Continue reading

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Your Mooove, Nunes!

Rep. Devin Nunes must be getting used to it by now: Judge tosses Nunes’ libel suit against CNN In a ruling Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Laura Taylor Swain granted the news network’s motion to dismiss the suit, which sought … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News New! Ca Rep @devinnunes tells @KMJNOW he tested positive for COVID-19 — Carla Marinucci (@cmarinucci) December 11, 2020 Don’t weep for Devin, we’re sure he’ll get the Miracle Cure that Prznint Stupid, his Stupidest Lawyer ™ Rudy … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs Foments Tonight!

Last night this tweet was making the rounds and if you go down the rabbit hole and click on the Alt-Mom account, you will see a video in which Lou Dobbs is so unglued he makes shifty Devin Nunes blanch: … Continue reading

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Report: Devin Nunes Was On Thug Plane

The Daily Beast reports (with a sub-head of ‘Makes Sense’) that Rep. Devin Nunes was on the mysterious plan with Antifa ninjas! Devin Nunes May Be Trump’s ‘Person’ Who Witnessed the Antifa Plane ‘Firsthand’ “So, these people that descended on … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts From Devin Nunes

Honest-to-blog, this moron said this to that other moron Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo: “If you’re healthy, you and your family, it’s a great time to just go out and go to a local restaurant, likely you can get in easily. … Continue reading

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The ‘I Never Met Him’ Files, Cont.

JUST IN: The House released even more materials from Lev Parnas, including new texts messages that show extensive contact between Parnas and a staffer to Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.#Hardball — Hardball (@hardball) January 18, 2020 Dimwitted Rep. Devin Nunes … Continue reading

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