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UPDATED: The National Emergency That Isn’t

Today is the day that Nancy Pelosi will hold a vote to rebuke Prznint Stupid for declaring a national emergency at the border. It is expected to easily be passed by the House and then splat onto amply be-chinned Mitch … Continue reading

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Ben Sasse Starring in ‘Much Ado ‘Bout Nuttin’

Ben Sasse, the Nebraska senator took his ham-fisted Hamlet schtick to the floor of the senate, alas! clutches poor Yorick’s skull and said to no one there (not even the chair, because he did it in the dead of night … Continue reading

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The Laddie Protests Too Much, Methinks

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse slams partisanship, says he regularly considers leaving his party and becoming an independent: "Frankly, neither of these parties have a long term vision for the future of the country" #CNNSOTU — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September … Continue reading

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