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The Morning Quote

Why are the dogs barking? “I’m sorry, dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans,” the former New York City mayor told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.” “You want me to (say) that I think the … Continue reading

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Exciting News For The Republicans!

Hair Furer Donald Trump is influencing the rest of the race: Reuters/Ipsos Generic Ballot (change from last week):Democrats 46 (+4)Republicans 36 (-2) This is what nominating Donald Trump leads to. — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) October 12, 2016

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Noot?

“The key point is when he said he would appoint an independent prosecutor… I think Trump crossed into being a historic figure by saying, you know, we have so much corruption in this administration.” You mean sort of like being … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served, Deplorables-Style

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) went to Trump Tower to find out how the Trumpeters were reacting to the news that Hair Furer was a groper: “Some had even more alarming accusations. A college student who worked at … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Kelly Ayotte?

Because We Love A Good Correction First we must have the original statement from future-former Senator Ayotte: And now the correction: “I misspoke tonight. While I would hope all of our children would aspire to be president, neither Donald Trump … Continue reading

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‘Just Rudy Being Rudy’

This is a little strange because we don’t really quite know what Mr. Noun-Verb-9/11 actually said at an awards banquet, but whatever it was was bad enough that the organizers apologized for Rudy’s unscripted, off-the-cuff personal comments: At CFA’s 40 … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or, Oh Take The Whole Damn Bowl, Noot!

benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!!1! “I think as fascinating to look at how the elite media bought — this is the new Benghazi lie — what Hillary tried to set up, and what they spend apparently months preparing was an ambush that … Continue reading

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In the Tweet of the Moment

Do young people know that in an admission of sexual abuse Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones an $800,000 settlement? — Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) September 29, 2016 …which led to one spitballer on Twitter to replay: Do they know that … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs They are on to us, fellow Alinskyites and Sorosistas! Some Wingnut blogger has deciphered Hitlery’s hand signals that, um, signaled to willing dupe commie Lester Holt what to do next during the debate! “A comprehensive video … Continue reading

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Some More Wheaties for Your Bailey’s, Reince?

FiveThirtyEight tells us… In recent years, Republicans have made inroads into the overwhelmingly Democratic constituency of American Jews. But this year, Republican Jews — or Jewish donors to the Republican party, at least — are abandoning their party’s nominee at … Continue reading

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