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Shut Down Day Is Here

As the GOP scrambles to blame anyone but themselves for the very likelihood that for the first time in our nations history, a political party that controls all the levers of power (both houses in Congress, and the White House … Continue reading

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MLK Day Celebration: More Dishonesty from D’Vorce D’Spousa

D’vorce D’spousa, documentarian fabulist, convicted election fraud felon, fired Y’all Qaeda business school dean, serial adulterer, and would-be bigamist and self-proclaimed political prisoner of the Kenyan Usurper decided to troll us libtards again (and presumably paid the copyright fee to … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Makes The Dogs Bark On Meet The Press

Schrödinger’s Senator, the physics paradox known in this dimension as Rand Paul, a man from the multiverse where anything is possible including being elected in the 2016 Goat Rodeo and being elected to the Senate or both or neither can … Continue reading

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Shocker: Queen Ann Wants Willard To Run

Boston Globe: “As Mitt Romney considers whether to run for an open US Senate seat in Utah, the person who can most influence him is encouraging him to get into the race: his wife, Ann. Ann Romney — a confidante … Continue reading

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Republicans could be standing up to Comrade Stupid instead of wringing their hands, declaring their powerlessness and voting for his agenda (they do it because it is their agenda, too, Susan Collins), and as proof here is one GOP Senator … Continue reading

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Buh-Bye Orrin, Hello Mittens!

Axios is reporting that Orrin Hatch, fresh from giving himself a YUGE tax break, is now retiring from the Senate. All eyes turn to The Stench.

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Conservative Dating, Redux

Hey you guys, remember last week when MPS presented Dating Tips from Wingnuttia? It seems someone from STATE (CNN) decided to do some deep investigative resporting! An engaging blonde woman in her late twenties is sharing her dating misfortunes with the … Continue reading

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The Future Looks Bright!

The gloating of amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell and Zombie-eyed Granny-starver Paul Ryan ends tomorrow, when government funding runs out. So maybe we don’t have to suffer seeing the Eddie Munster-like visage of Paul Ryan’s rictus grin beyond today? Or the wattles … Continue reading

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Dating Tips from Wingnuttia

You really cannot make up shit like this: 11 THINGS EVERY REAL CONSERVATIVE SHOULD ASK ON A FIRST DATE It’s written by Kurt Schlichter, so you know we are in for a treat. We’re only going to look at a … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs He seems nice: You gotta love that Josh Bernstein is favorably comparing his deportation idea to North Korea! “I don’t want to see anyone injured or dead, BUT…” sure ya do, Josh.

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