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Like Viagra for Villains

The Russian Usuper, you know the America First, non-interventionist, gives Grandpa Walnuts, Senatorette Lindsey Graham, and Iran’s Pen-Pal Tom Cotton a boner: But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists … Continue reading

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Nothing Goin’ On ‘Round Here

The hometown paper rips Jason a new one: Just when it looked like Jason Chaffetz might have an opportunity to make his service in Congress memorable for having done something real. Just when the planets seemed to be aligned in … Continue reading

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The Comedy Stylings of House GOP Leadership

Mike ‘Payola’ Allen writing at Axios’ morning email thingie: A crazy story that posted right after the Mueller announcement (adding to the feeling that, per a tweet quoted by CNN’s Brian Stelter, this is “The Longest Week in the History … Continue reading

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Callista Gingrich Just Made Eiron the Goddess of Irony Laugh So Hard She Farted

You cannot make up shit like this: Callista Gingrich set to be named ambassador to the Vatican The Russian Usurper is really going to appoint staff-banging, serial-adulterer Noot’s Blowjob Queen Wife #3 to the Holy See? The White House hopes … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs NYTimes reports that Trey Gowdy is on Trump’s short list of FBI Director replacements… Darlin’ you gotta let me know… …If I cry there could be trouble… …If I laugh it would be double… …So you … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs World Nut Daily is connecting the dots again, for Jeebus: MIDWEST MUSLIM MEASLES OUTBREAK NEARLY DOUBLES Say what? “Muslim measles”? WND reported at the end of April when there were 30 cases of children in Hennepin … Continue reading

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Trickle-Down Healthcare

The Republican plan to save us all from the Cancers by giving tax cuts to billionaires seems to be off to a rocky start. House Republicans celebrated passing legislation to repeal Obamacare last week — but apparently forgot to figure … Continue reading

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Some Stupid for Your Coffee Break?

Hey guys, remember this dude, Raul Labrador? Labrador announced that he’s running for Governor of Idaho in 2018. What with all the (bad?) name recognition he must have gotten from the clip above telling constituents that they are not gonna … Continue reading

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Your Morning Bottomless Mug of Stupid is Served, Raul Labrador (R-ID)

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Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) has a long article up on the most-vulnerable wingnuts who voted to take healthcare away from their constituents, and it starts off with good ol’ Darrell ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ Issa: Issa, the … Continue reading

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