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Some More Wheaties for Your Bailey’s, Reince?

FiveThirtyEight tells us… In recent years, Republicans have made inroads into the overwhelmingly Democratic constituency of American Jews. But this year, Republican Jews — or Jewish donors to the Republican party, at least — are abandoning their party’s nominee at … Continue reading

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Steve King Will Not Be Made A Fool Of (Yes, He Will)

Hair Furer Donald Trump revealed something resembling a paid maternity leave plan—without details, natch—and ol’ Cantaloup Calves hisself, Steve King, is having none of it! Because, you know, the ‘mos might be getting a benefit! …because what is important here … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

News that will drive you to drink The Pride of Iowa, ol’ Cantaloup Calves hisself, Steve King has a few theories: Got that? Because San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a Mooselimb fiance, that’s why Kaepernick is assisting ISIS … Continue reading

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John Kasich Walks Into A Bookstore… Again

I know the premise sounds like a joke, but every time ‘Who Me’ Kasich is in a bookstore, something weird happens, usually with religion. Anyway, today we learned that Kasich did it again! While campaigning for Chris Sununu, Kasich wandered into … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Noot?

Sweet Jeebus with a Hale’s, staff-banging serial-adulterer Noot proves to us what a stupid controversy the entire Hillary’s Cough Makes Her Inelligible argument is: Newt peddles the Hillary cough story and then — starts coughing via @AndrewKirell — … Continue reading

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Noot Damns Trump With Faint Praise

Staff-banging, serial-adulterer Noot tells us that Hair Furer Donald Trump is going to get more black voters than any Republican in History: The Republican who holds that distinction right now is Chimpy McStagger with 7% in 2004, so the bar … Continue reading

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That Dancing Fool

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry will trip the light fantastic on Dancing With The Stars

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Dr. Turdblossom is at your cervix, er, service: I think Glenn Beck should sue Rove’s ass for stealing the chalk board schtick to prove the Grand Unified Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracy Theory.

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Steve King?

“They have air conditioned rooms in a Caribbean island. I mean [Gitmo] would make a terrific resort area there, they set the temperature at 75 degrees because that’s their cultural temperature, they get the choice of three different choices of a … Continue reading

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Why Are The Dogs Barking?

Staff-banging, serial adulterer Noot says: “Well, I think there are two contrasts that are striking. One is that Trump cares enough to show up and Obama doesn’t and stays, playing golf. The other is that Trump has the sheer energy … Continue reading

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