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Grifters Gotta Grift (Mar-a-Lago Edition)

We got yer corruption right here: In just two days, @realdonaldtrump’s campaign pumped $380K into Trump’s private business, in 43 separate payments. Trump Org says this was for a weeklong “donor retreat,” held in early March at Mar-a-Lago. Campaign donations … Continue reading

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The Weakest Links Speak!

So Twizzler Trump was on the teevee talking to the drunk lady (the other drunk lady), and he said: Got that? Twizzler thinks that this is all a conspiracy against his dad, like those 90,000 dead rat bastards did this … Continue reading

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Super-Jenius Eric Trump Has The Family Midas Touch, Fer Sure

This is pretty funny and shows the magic, Midas Touch of the Spare Heir to the Mango-hued Throne: I was listening to a clip of Eric Trump on the radio from March 3rd where he says he’s a “super genius” … Continue reading

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Make it Happen, Squiggy

The Stupid… it BUUUUUUUUUUUURNS! Oh, please, Junior Mints, please show your tax returns, let’s see ’em, let’s start subpoena’ing your finances, the First Shady’s, and the boy prince of New Jersey Jared the Last. Let’s dig in on how much … Continue reading

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Griftopia For Sale!

Grifters Gotta Grift The Hill tells us that the Trump Organization plans to cut off bids on its Washington, D.C., hotel on Jan. 23, so if you want to own a piece of emoluments-clause violating Constitutional history, get your bids … Continue reading

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Happy Birfday, Li’l Buddy Trump!

Li’l Buddy Trump is 36 today! That’s a lot of fingers to hold up, Eric! I hope your fambly got a clown for your birfday party! (and not your lame-o brother again!)

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Is It A Good Day For Grifters?

It is a perfect day for a nice bottle of this. These people are — insane…. @TrumpWinery — Eric Trump (@EricTrump) November 20, 2019 (and you’d have to be insane to drink that thing) Always be closing, Li’l Buddy.

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And How Are The Children Holding Up?

Now that we’ve reported on Ivanka’s astounded success, we must give some equal opportunity and valuable blog real estate to the other of the Russian Usurper’s squirts (eww, gross!), who have reliably been Tweeting during the impeachment hearing while Daddy … Continue reading

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Eric Trump: ‘Location, Location, Location!’

Grifters Gotta Grift WSJ: President Trump’s real estate business is considering unloading its opulent Washington, DC, hotel, a move it says is motivated partly by criticism that the Trumps are flouting government-ethics laws by profiting from the property. The family … Continue reading

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Eiron, The Goddess of Irony Laughed So Hard She Farted

Our Li’l buddy Eric Trump went on Judge Jeanine, was pitched a softball question, and somehow or another scored a home run for the other team: Oh, yeah, Eric? “Just hours before the Trumps’ Fox News appearances, Forbes reported that … Continue reading

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