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Today in History…

…the 18th Amendment was repealed!

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Today in History

We all became aware of what a vulgar man he is. This should have ended his 2016 Goat Rodeo run on that very same day.

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Today in History

Never Forget!!1! It was on this date in the Year of our Lawd 2014 that Y’all Qaeda and The New Confederacy promised us an Arab-Spring event, in which 30,000,000 people would show up at the White House to peacefully over-throw … Continue reading

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Today in History

2009: Sean Hannity volunteers to be waterboarded for charity, and to prove that it is not torture. It’s been eight long years, Sean. We’re still waiting. I got a glass of water with your name on it.

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Today in History

John Belushi was born in 1949.

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Today in History

January 23: Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!), er, Politico was founded in 2007. Johnnie Carson died in 2005.

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Today in History

Roe v. Wade is settled law in 1973.

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Today in History

Fox News had its first broadcast 20 years ago today, and thus the stupid became weaponized: Smarmy then, smarmy now.

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Falling Into History

[Ed: We’ve been running this post since the blog began a decade ago. It is from the SF Chronicle a lifetime ago, from 2006 when we were younger and perhaps less cynical. This essay has fallen into the void and … Continue reading

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Today in History

On this date in 1983, the press realized that Reagan had the Carter Briefing book to prepare for the debate in 1980. George Will was the man playing Carter and using the book: “6/28/83 At his 18th press conference, President … Continue reading

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