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Get Off The Cross, Someone Else Needs The Wood

Rick Wiles is as shameless as they come and that was one of the most insulting uses of the Holocaust as anything any Nazi has ever said. Yeah, I’d hate to be as powerless as a straight white male Xristian … Continue reading

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He Seems Nice

Hey guys, remember our grifter pal Rick Wiles of the infamous doomsday radio show that he broadcasts out of his barn (and would you please buy him a teevee studio)? He has an important news bulletin for us on his … Continue reading

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Rick Wiles: It Goes Right To The Top, Sheeple!!1!

After begging us for a teevee studio yesterday, Rick Wiles proves to us the need for his TruNews to have a global audience: The Deep State Goon Squad has taken out Bill-O, is taking down Alex Jones, and Donald Trump … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Rick Wiles, doomsday maven, takes our axiom that Grifters Gotta Grift to a whole new level: So, give bigly of your Ameros and buy Elmer Gantry Rick Wiles a teevee studio, and Dawg Almighty will bless … Continue reading

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‘We’re all going to die in a nuclear war thanks to the sodomites’

He seems Nice, Cont. Who knew that the ‘mos had nukes? Doomsday self-proclaimed prophet Rick Wiles of “Trunews” knew, that’s who! Usually when we talk about ol’ Rick, he’s a guest on Jim Bakker’s potato slop grifting hour, so this … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From Rick Wiles, America!

Bet he gets invited to all the best Christmas parties, huh?

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The Three-Martini Stupid Is Served

Shorter Rick Wiles: “We must sacrifice a virgin to appease the weather gods!” “Rain will follow repentance. [California] is in the forefront of spiritual rebellion against God: abortion; homosexuality; pornography; Hollywood’s movies that promote sexual immorality, violence, bloodshed, witchcraft, occult … Continue reading

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