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Some Post-Prandial Stupid?

End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, and then it tried to have sex with her, and then it claimed to be Xerxes, and then Jesus got involved, and then the alien turned out to … Continue reading

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Think of The Money You Will Save On Borax Baths!

Guys, these people are nuts: Right-wing anti-vax conspiracy theorist Stella Immanuel tells those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine that if they cry out to God in repentance, God will physically cast the vaccine out of their bodies. — … Continue reading

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He Seems Nice

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson had something to say at a Winston-Salem church: And as no one has time for 2-hours of fire-and-brimstone from a Xristian scold on a Sunday, you can read about it here. But first, some … Continue reading

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Theocracy Today

  And here we go again, one of the most un-American things you could ever say: Michael Flynn tonight: “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Whaddup, Ohio? Ohio Republicans introduced a bill on Wednesday that calls for a total ban on abortions in the state, reaching farther than the Texas “heartbeat” law that is currently under examination by the Supreme Court. The bill, … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Theocrats?

I’m getting more in the Halloween spirit, thanks to Scissorhead Fran: Nope. Not gonna change Halloween to JesusWeen. Won’t be giving out Left Behind books instead of king size Snickers bars either. — Tim Schenck (@FatherTim) October 20, 2021 … Continue reading

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And Now, Madison Cawthorn is Calling For a Crusade

There is no one less oppressed that the white Xristian evangelicals in America, but don’t tell that to Madison Cawthorn (R – Eagles Nest Giftshop): Cawthorn now calls for holy war: “It’s time for us to stand up and declare … Continue reading

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‘At Your Cervix, Ladies,’ Says Texas

Gov. Gregg Abbott of Texas (America’s Lab for Bad Policy) who recently decided that putting a bounty on women seeking abortions and their enablers was a winner, has taken the next step in ensuring that sweet baby Jeebus looks upon … Continue reading

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A Pale Horse Enters The 2024 Goat Rodeo

Guys, a pale goat is on the horizon: (CNN)Mike Pence is adding staffers for his brand-new office in downtown Washington — inching closer to a possible White House run even as his standing worsens with former President Donald Trump and … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Biden says even @FoxNews has a mandatory vaccine policy. Is that true? That can't be true. Have Hannity and Tucker and the others gotten the vaccine? That just can't be true. — toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) September 9, 2021 … Continue reading

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