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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Marsha?

I understand that she’s dumb even when sober: Tennesseans want a wall on our southern border. — Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) April 11, 2022 “…and Mississippi will pay for it!”

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Proof: Sen. Blackburn is Inoculated Against Honesty

"The left is desperate to continue to the pandemic until the 2022 midterm elections" — lunatic stuff Marsha Blackburn — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 21, 2021 I love how when Stuart Varney(!) confronts Bonnie Tyler fangirl Sen. Marsha Blackburn … Continue reading

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Sen. Blackburn Seems Nice, Bless Her Heart

Sen. Marsha Blackburn continues to grunt at popular performer Taylor Swift, as she is interviewed by Pravda, er, Breitbart: Sen. Marsha Blackburn continues her running feud with Taylor Swift, warning her that if we have a “socialistic govt,” the state … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Family Values Sen. Marsha Blackburn, the Louie Gohmert of RoJos, got in a sick burn on one of President Handsome Joe Biden’s initiatives in the American Families Plan: You know who else liked universal day care: — Sen. Marsha Blackburn … Continue reading

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Super-Genius!

Guys, she’s trying to prove that the Infrastructure Bill is the work of Ol’ Scratch hisself, but I think she’s actually helping us. Anyway, the Pride of Tennessee sent out a series of tweets telling the world what is in … Continue reading

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She Seems Nice

China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing. Some things will never change… — Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) December 3, 2020 She’s all yours, Republicans.    

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