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Q-Anon Returns To Twitter

This is a very bad sign: A “general amnesty” has restored hundreds of accounts of right-wing activists and QAnon adherents, according to data reviewed by NBC News. The reinstatement of far-right accounts has coincided with a series of bans of … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Imagination

Too many of you sent it in to credit any one person, so take a bow in the comments.

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The Company You Keep

Jeebus, this is real: This is not satire, sadly. Kanye West is on the Alex Jones show, in a battle of the psychopaths. Jones: "You're not Hitler. You're not a Nazi." West: "Well, I see good things about Hitler, also. … Continue reading

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Big Deal, It Was Just A Dinner, Right?

Everyone needs to remember that America First has a long history, and while one dinner at Merde-a-Lardo seemingly is small potatoes… Rachel #Maddow "Guys like that, neo-nazi agitators getting a big proverbial hug, a private audience with the Republican Party's … Continue reading

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When The Nazis Tell You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time

As we say around here, K-Mac is really bad at his job, and boy-howdy, he keeps saying the quiet parts out loud. He says that if he gets the speakership he will: Hold-up the debt limit (AGAIN!) to demand spending cuts, … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Looks like a goose, honks like a goose, steps like a goose: Despite disavowing White nationalism last spring when one of its adherents endorsed him, a US House candidate in Washington subsequently gave a previously unreported interview … Continue reading

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It’s a Q-Spiracy, I Tells Ya!

So this happened: That is unnerving. Of course, totally different than my one-finger salute to the Red Hats. — ✂️Special Master𝙏𝘦𝘯𝘨𝙧𝘢𝙞𝘯 Redacted 🇺🇦 (@Tengrain) September 19, 2022 I didn’t understand the significance of the salute, I thought it was … Continue reading

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Nice Headline, CNN

President Handsome Joe Biden was sugar coating it when he described Hair Füror and his MAGA movement as semi-fascist: Trump rally highlighting January 6 case of alleged Nazi sympathizer sparks criticism Criticism? CRITICISM? They are gonna go with CRITICISM?! I’m … Continue reading

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Always Punch The Nazi

I was jolted by a disturbance in The Farce when I read this blurb in the gossip section of Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie) morning email thingie: — Allahpundit is leaving Hot Air after 36,591 posts. He’s heading … Continue reading

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Complaint Department: Hair Füror Wanted Nazis, Got American Generals Instead

Maya Angelou’s now old saying, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time,” is in play again, as we learn Hair Füror actually said he wished he had Nazi Generals: According to an excerpt from The Divider: Trump … Continue reading

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