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And A Dark Goat Emerges for 2024

Insurrection poster boy and noted Proud-Boy Lite Sen. Josh Hawley (R- Possum Hollar) is on a roll of fundraising that seems like a forewarning of trouble ahead. Tiger Beat on the Potomac: Sen. Josh Hawley raised more than $3 million … Continue reading

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Super-Genius!

Guys, she’s trying to prove that the Infrastructure Bill is the work of Ol’ Scratch hisself, but I think she’s actually helping us. Anyway, the Pride of Tennessee sent out a series of tweets telling the world what is in … Continue reading

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So This Happened…

Scissorhead Skinny-D alerts us to this breaking story: An organization calling itself "White Lies Matter" has stolen a Confederate monument and is holding it for ransom. The UDC must comply on April 9–the anniversary of Robert E. Lee's surrender at … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

“We have a major under-incarceration problem in America. And it’s only getting worse.” — Sen. Tom Cotton

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Ah, Georgia!

The pending boycotts of Georgeduh and Atlanta specifically got a local boost when Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines potentially joined them; MLB players association is supporting moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest the law; and President Handsome Joe Biden said … Continue reading

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The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity: Battle Plans, Alliances, Conspiracy

Gee, it doesn’t sound like an organic storming of the Capitol after all! (Emphasis mine): New evidence suggests ‘alliance’ between Oath Keepers, Proud Boys ahead of Jan. 6 Kelly Meggs, the Florida leader of the Oath Keepers, said in private … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Sen. Hyde-Smith?

We should not be surprised that Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R – Confederacy) has a problem with the Black church traditional Souls to the Polls program of taking Black congregations from church to early Sunday voting, and so she has a … Continue reading

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Republicans, Explained

And as long as we are talkin’ ’bout History, this piece in Politico Mag tries to solve the mystery of The Prime Directive of Wingnuttia: Own the Libs: “…Gamers borrowed the term from the nascent world of 1990s computer hacking, … Continue reading

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Even the Q-Spiracy Finds Love Today… Or DOES IT?

FBI Informant Panic Is Ruining Friendships All Over the Far Right From Proud Boys panicked about the revelation that their leader was a snitch to the racist America First crowd, old pals are now enemies. [A]s federal authorities crack down … Continue reading

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I’m Shocked.

The W$J tells us that the New Confederacy is concerned, very concerned: A group of Senate Republicans decried Nasdaq’s push for greater diversity on corporate boards, saying it interfered with board members’ duty to govern in the best interests of … Continue reading

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