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Fake Pundit Fakes Being Fox Pundit, Fakely

Actual Nazi and fake news purveyor Seb Gorka is up to his usual (or unusual) tricks of misrepresenting himself, as Mediaite (!) reports: President Donald Trump’s former aide Sebastian Gorka is giving out phony Fox News business cards, Mediaite has learned. Gorka, who … Continue reading

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Great Signs, Cont.

Hopefully in D.C., today? (Hat tip: Scissorhead Bruce388)

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Kris (K?) Kobach Recuses Self

Kansas City Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said in a cable news interview Thursday night that he plans to recuse himself from the vote tally process in the face of pressure from Gov. Jeff Colyer and mounting confusion over … Continue reading

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(UPDATED) New Faceberg Interview: ‘Oops’

In an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher, Mark Faceberg discussed Facebook’s approach to tackling hoaxes, misinformation, and offensive content. Faceberg defended his decision to NOT delete or ban them. Let’s jump right in it! Why don’t you wanna just say … Continue reading

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Alleged White Supremacist Comes To Aid of Alleged Sex-Abuse Enabler

Rep. Steve Scalise, who is noted for speaking to White Supremacist groups, is coming to the aid of Rep. Gym Jordan, who is noted for (ALLEGEDLY) looking the other way as his athletes were sexually abused by their team doctor. … Continue reading

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D’Vorce D’Spousa Goes Off The Plantation

D’vorce D’spousa—documentarian fabulist, convicted election fraud felon (pardoned), fired Y’all Qaeda business school dean, serial adulterer, and would-be bigamist and self-proclaimed political prisoner of the Kenyan Usurper— has earned an unusual headline in Newsweek: DINESH D’SOUZA, FILMMAKER PARDONED BY TRUMP, … Continue reading

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Expect More ‘Very Fine People’ This Summer

Here we go again:‘White civil rights’ rally marking Charlottesville anniversary set to be held next to White House So it probably comes as a shock to exactly no one that water seeks its own level and thus the racists are … Continue reading

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Comrade Trump Is Doing It For The Children

As we all know by now, it is the policy of The United States to separate children of immigrants and put them in Concentration Camps pending sending them back to the tender mercies of gangsters in Central America from whom … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Let’s meet Martina Markota, the greatest living Rudyard Kipling fangrrrrl, who says that it is indeed the White Man’s Burden: She seems nice, huh? I think we’re gonna hear more about her and Rebel Media (gadzooks, … Continue reading

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GOP Consistency on Display

MAGA Hat-Wearing White Nationalist Elected to Washington State GOP Office Oh, dear, he used his inside voice and was overheard: ​A ​white nationalist who marched in Charlottesville last year was elected precinct officer in Washington State’s Republican Party last week. … Continue reading

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