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A Republican Punches A Nazi (Another Republican, Go Figure)

We don’t often find cases of Republicans punching Nazis in their own party:   MO State Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R) criticizes fellow GOP Rep. Ann Kelley's anti-LGBT school bill. PC: Who is Martha Washington?AK: [George Washington's] wife.PC: With your bill, … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Oops: U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale said he unwittingly posed for a photo with high profile members of the neo-Nazi movement last week walking between congressional hearings. The photo taken March 1 in front of the Capitol shows … Continue reading

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Always Punch The Nazis, Part Infinity

Imma bad blogger and I am going to cut and paste this item from last nights Pod Save What Evs email thingie (emphasis mine, howevs): All roads of America’s creeping fascism lead to Florida. A GOP-proposed bill making its way … Continue reading

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The Nazis Next Door

Seriously, how could I pass this headline by? The Dildo Nazi: Sex Toy-Selling White Supremacist Umasked But the actual story is very chilling. The leader of a neo-Nazi network whose members celebrate white supremacist violent extremism and uses Telegram as … Continue reading

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The Coming Civil War?

Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen any official Republican push-back to Rep. 3-Toes calling for secession yesterday? I have not seen anything other than Liz Cheney (no longer in office). Let’s review some of the governing principles of America, … Continue reading

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Gym Jordan Presents…

So… this happened: House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan on Friday subpoenaed the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Department of Education for documents as part of its investigation into whether a Justice Department strategy to address threats against teachers … Continue reading

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The Stupid, It Burnnnnnnnns!

Rep. 3-Toes kicks off Black History Month as only she can, (like a Yeti having a mayo fight in a blizzard with Tilda Swinton): Greene: Can you tell me how much money went to CRT?Dodaro: CRT?Greene: It’s a racist curriculum … Continue reading

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Floriduh: Welcome To Black History Month

Ah Floriduh, where the debris meets the sea, is embracing an Advanced Placement Black History program, you know, with a couple of edits: After heavy criticism from Gov. Ron DeSantis, the College Board released on Wednesday an official curriculum for … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Did you see the news? The fascists are getting a shadow gubmint ready to plug-n-play should they win the White House next! [C]onservative organizations are coming together to develop well-trained personnel and a detailed policy agenda for … Continue reading

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Reminder: Always Punch The Nazi

What is old is new again: Trump’s Neo-Nazi Dinner Date Nick Fuentes Booted From Twitter Less Than 24 Hours After Being Reinstated …When Fuentes had access to his account, he reportedly posted a GIF of the Ye 2024 logo which … Continue reading

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