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Proud Boys Come To Portlandia

Can you pickle that? Oregon Live has a really good write-up of the Battle of the 7 Bridges in Portland yesterday. Local media rules! Seriously, read this article, it’s fantastic. “Right-wing activists and those protesting their presence converged Saturday on … Continue reading

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Narcissist Offers Comfort To Gun Lobby, Swamp Undrained

Prznint Stupid was worried that the NRA’s precious fee-fees might get hurt: “President Donald Trump on Friday said he has been speaking with the National Rifle Association to ensure that the gun lobby’s “very strong views” are considered as congressional … Continue reading

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MAGA: ‘When Do We Burn Down The Reichstag?’

I clipped the video just to have the moment when Possum Hollar started chanting “Send Her Back,” which is probably as un-American a thing I’ve ever heard. Fascism isn’t creeping, that is galloping in full daylight. Here he is encouraging … Continue reading

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Republicans Are The New Confederacy

It is now Monday and no Republicans have gone on record opposing Hair Füror’s very racist tweets. Even the email thingie from Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) has noted it: IF YOU HAD ANY QUESTION that the Republican … Continue reading

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The Reviews Are In!

Comrade Stupid’s caving-in on the Census’ citizenship question has resulted in some stunning reaction from the racists in The New Confederacy, Axios morning email thingie tells us (weird formatting is theirs, I swear): Top figures in the conservative legal community … Continue reading

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Kris Kobach Rides Again!

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach—who is too white supremacist-y (is too a wurd!) to work in Hair Füror’s 4th Reich—has launched a Senate bid and misspelled his own name on a Federal Election Committee form. Note: Kobach has … Continue reading

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Project Purple: Call It By Its Name

I am late to the party, as usual, but fortunately Scissorhead Bluegal is not, and so she tweeted this the other day: No Labels lifeboat alert #BurnTheLifeboats @Mr_Electrico @Tengrain @ElieNYC @CharlesPPierce This is attempt to rebrand Republicans post Trump. NO … Continue reading

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Breaking: SCOTUS Okay With Gerrymandering

USA Today: WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that partisan election maps drawn by North Carolina Republicans and Maryland Democrats are constitutional despite their one-sided nature. The 5-4 opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by the court’s other conservatives said … Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell Not A Fan of Reparations

The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties hearing yesterday—about establishing a committee to study slavery and whether reparations are due—was fascinating. As a sonofalawyer, the question of whom is eligible for reparations is the … Continue reading

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Only the Finest People

He’s really done it: Hair Füror is appointing an actual Nazi (ALLEGEDLY!) to be the spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection: “Katharine Gorka, a political appointee at the Department of Homeland Security who has stirred controversy for her views on … Continue reading

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