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What We’re Reading

David Horsey, writing in the LATimes, points out something so obvious that it slipped right past me: Hurricane Harvey has exposed the weakness of the three shibboleths that have been the guiding political philosophy for two generations of Republicans. Those … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Texas, the US Lab for Bad Policy is gearing up for a special session of the Lege: …because those religious freedom bills consisting of where people cannot pee as as important to Greg Abbot’s Texas as they were to Mike … Continue reading

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Texas: Are There No Poorhouses Anymore?

Harris County takes bail suit to U.S. Supreme CourtIn emergency filing, Harris County aims to halt release of poor inmates Harris County took the fight over its controversial bail system to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, even as county … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Threats of violence, unfinished business, rowdy protesters mark end of tumultuous legislative session AUSTIN — Lawmakers threatened to shoot and beat one another up on the final day of a legislative session beset by angry fights and emotional outbursts that … Continue reading

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Texas: ‘Show Us Your Papers’

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy continues to excel in bad policy: (CNN)Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday signed a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in his state. The bill, which Abbott could be seen signing on Facebook Live … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy strikes again: …Parents seeking to adopt children in Texas could soon be rejected by public or private agencies with religious objections. Agencies would be able to reject parents if they were either Jewish, Muslim, gay, … Continue reading

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Poll: Sen. Ted Cruz is losing to, well, everyone not Ted Cruz

The Hill tells us that Ayatollah Ted is in trouble: Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) edges out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in a potential 2018 Senate matchup, a new poll shows. I guess they have not forgiven Cruz’s dad for killing … Continue reading

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Today in Crime Fighting Plumber News

Scissorhead TexBetsy sends us this vitally important breaking news from America’s Lab for Bad Policy: Condom-clogged pipe leads to prostitution bust at massage parlor, Austin police say Austin police said they uncovered a prostitution ring at a Northwest Austin massage … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Morning Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served, Texas Style

“It’s obvious to me that if we continue this, no member of Congress will want to meet with people.” Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), the chair of the House Rules Committee, doesn’t do politics very well.

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Ah, Texas!

Ayatollah Ted, son of alleged JFK assassination grassy knoll enthusiast,  has been kinda silent lately, what’s up with that? Usually he is reading Dr. Seuss into the congressional record or holding the Federal Government hostage, or some other foolishness. He’s … Continue reading

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