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News That Will Drive You To Drink

  Meanwhile, over at World Nut Daily, Erik Rush is fomenting civil war: Last week in this space, I illustrated how liberalism has been nothing more than the soft-socialist wedge radical leftists have used over the last several decades to … Continue reading

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‘With Us or Against The Troops’, Cont.

Sen. Professor Warren proposed that the Pentagon rename a bunch of military bases, the ones named after Confederate traitors, and you know what? The Pentagon is OK with that, but it drew an immediate reaction from The Fourth Reich, who … Continue reading

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People are the WORST

Don’t fall for this, Scissorheads: Phishers are sending out fake contact-tracing messages warning people they've come into contact with infectious individuals and asking them to click a link to a malware dropper. 1/ — Covered Dish People (@doctorow) April … Continue reading

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Crown Prince Bone Saw Has Corporate American Apologists

Uber is appalling, part infinity: Uber CEO on Saudi Arabia’s killing of Jamal Khashoggi: “It’s a serious mistake. We’ve made mistakes too, right, with self-driving … So I think that people make mistakes. It doesn’t mean that they can never … Continue reading

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Why Are All The Dogs Barking, Cindy?

I know it’s Mississippi, but posing for pictures wearing a CSA cap and carrying a CSA rifle while at the home/library/museum of traitor and noted slave-economy enthusiast Jefferson Davis seems like an odd thing for a candidate (or would-be candidate: … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

The NYTimes tells us about the Schlapp’s in a lavish, toadying article about the DC power couple (she works in the Fourth Reich, he is the president of the American Consevative Union, think CPAC and their annual Hatenanny) “This past … Continue reading

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Rehabbing Louise Linton

This Louise Linton article in Elle is just… awful. Louise Linton has accomplished the near-impossible task of locating an ordinary meeting place in the most moneyed stretch of the Upper East Side, where she and her husband, U.S. Secretary of … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Yes, that is our old pal Kevin Swanson telling us that 150+ Gymnasts are to blame for being molested by their coach Larry Nassar, you know, because immodest outfits. Shorter Swanson: What’s a red-blooded guy to … Continue reading

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Opportunists For Opportunity in Arizonastan

Grandpa Walnut’s isn’t dead yet (that old maverick!), but the vultures are circling in the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan. If Grandpa Walnuts’ seat should become open, it represents an opportunity for an opportunist, and Blog only knows that Arizonastan … Continue reading

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He Seems Nice, Part Infinity

Over at Barbwire, the blog-like thingie of Matt Barber, the man who only thinks about hot, sweaty man-on-man sex with thighs like pistons that can pump all night, we learn about one man’s (Paul Hair) hopes and dreams: DISMANTLE THE … Continue reading

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