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Is There Nothing The Invisible Hand Cannot Do?

Bill Gates has a bright idea: Tax Robots. “In a recent interview with Quartz, Gates said that a robot tax could finance jobs taking care of elderly people or working with kids in schools, for which needs are unmet and … Continue reading

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Some Stupid for Your Coffee?

THE PRESIDENT:  You’ve never seen so much paper on a President’s desk.  (Laughter.)  That’s because we’re negotiating lots of deals for our country, which will be tremendous.   All quibbles about grammar aside, those were the words notorious anti-technology luddite … Continue reading

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Remember, You Are The Product

Somewhere, Mark Faceberg is frowning. The innertubes of things strikes again: Vizio, the most popular TV maker in America, has been caught spying on its customers’ viewing habits. Software on 11 million of its TVs recorded everything people watched, and … Continue reading

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It’s Gonna Happen

This is why you should always have a non-geek in technology companies when setting features: My #Google responded to every #OkGoogle. I’m closing app. 😤 #SuperBowl — Amanda C. (@AmandaStarshine) February 5, 2017 This sort of response was popping up … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett Left Us Too Soon (Duh)

It’s not quite The Luggage, but damn! Here’s the story. I have an elderly friend who is quite active, but needs help carrying heavy things. This technology would help her remain independent for a long time to come.

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There’s An App for That

NBC: While it would be easy enough to avoid Trump’s hotels or golf resorts, Trump has less-obvious ties to many other businesses. So a Democratic super PAC created an app to help would-be boycotters identify hundreds of Trump-related companies. The … Continue reading

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Trump: Make Spam Great Again

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (Thanks Charlie!) tells us that Deadbeat Donald has not mastered the fine art of email: Data from email tracking firm Return Path shows 60 percent of Trump’s fundraising emails were kicked into recipients’ spam folders, … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me, (Are You Listening, Redux)?

I’m not sure if this is creepy or just inevitable. One data mining company, Dstillery, used its intelligence-collection capabilities at the Iowa caucuses last week. Here’s what they learned by correlating the locations of phones: Caucusgoers [sic] who were expecting … Continue reading

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Paging Mr. Orwell

Remember, what Google (and Facebook) are really selling is YOU: Google will soon let advertisers tap into one of the most lucrative types of ad targeting: email addresses. The search giant is rolling out a new tool called Customer Match, … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S Dirty!

'I've been a very bad girl,' she said, biting her lip. 'I need to be punished.' 'Very well,' he said and installed Windows 10 on her laptop. — 50 Nerds of Grey (@50NerdsofGrey) September 7, 2015

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