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HAL Won’t Open The Pod Bay Doors

This story shows us how important good communication skills are: it seems the widely reported story of the AI drone simulation killing the human drone operator did not happen, it was a scenario that the military was trying to visualize. … Continue reading

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‘Please Regulate My Competition,’ AI CEOs Beg

My position is that AI is just fancy autocomplete; but what does worry me is what amoral, money-grubbing capitalist sociopaths running corporations plan to do with it, which is basically fire everyone. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money! Anyway, the … Continue reading

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I’d Go See This Movie

So I ran that prompt through an AI art generator and got this. It's snowing, he appears to have a hook, and an ominous piece of luggage. If this goes on too long, we might have to watch this. … Continue reading

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Report: AI Summit Today At White House

The will workers be replaced by robots  debate is as old as the industrial revolution itself, and we know that humans control technology, so any changes any tech makes to employment are choices by the CEO rat bastards. So, yeah, be … Continue reading

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Would Anyone Notice?

“There’s only one job that is irreplaceable, “ Arvind Krishna, the company’s chief executive, didn’t say but no doubt was thinking.

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‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg

Internet power-user Mark Faceberg bet the company on an ersatz Second Life, how’s it working out for him? Facebook-parent Meta plans to lay off another 10,000 workers, marking the second round of significant job cuts announced by the tech giant … Continue reading

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Report: Mr. Paperclip Welcomes Chatbot To Your PC

The WaPo morning email thingie gives us a heads-up that Microsoft —the same people who thought a Paper Clip who popped up randomly was gonna be the future of computing— is going to be including their chatbot right into your … Continue reading

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Area Luddite Gives Warning

I’m going to put my stake in the ground: ChatGPT and other AI technologies are not going to work out for societal good. Sure, they are cool technologies and prove even more that people are not fallen Angels, we are … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Rolling Blunder, er, Greg Abbott is determined to protect the freedom-loving  libertarian paradise of Texas (America’s Lab for Bad Policy) from climate change destroying their electricity grid, er, high-powered, semi-automatic guns shooting up their public schools, er, TikTok: “The security risks … Continue reading

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Love, Republican Style

I’m beginning to understand the concept of “Cringe” – The new conservative dating app funded by Peter Thiel called, ‘The Right Stuff’ has now launched, and women describe what they are looking for in a man: “I like the Alpha-Male … Continue reading

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