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(UPDATED) Obstruction Has A Name

“That [infrastructure] package that they’re putting together now, as much as we would like to address infrastructure, is not going to get support from our side. Because I think the last thing the economy needs right now is a big, … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Week, For Reals!

It’s time to look at what is inside the proposal President Handsome Joe Biden is announcing today. Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie has a handy bullet list: The proposal calls for: -$621 billion towards transportation … Continue reading

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Budget Advice From Tax-Lien Expert

Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) had another thought: How about instead of simply reusing the same budget every year and just increasing the money spent on everything we start at zero and see what we actually need? That’s how we’d do … Continue reading

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(Kansas’) Pandemic Tax Cuts, Revisited

Guys, remember that time Kansas decided to use their Trump-Virus bucks in the American Recovery Act to bail out their state’s mismanagement of tax cuts for the Fat Cats? Seems that they cannot do that, and the GQP is pissed … Continue reading

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Eat The Rich, Part Infinity

CNN tells us that while we proles cannot have $15 Amers/hr, we might be able to get our pound of flesh elsewhere: Elizabeth Warren proposes wealth tax on ‘ultra-millionaires’ Now that Democrats control the White House and Congress, President Joe … Continue reading

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It Begins

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has obtained Trump’s tax returns and related records, per @KaraScannell. They got them Monday after the Supreme Court rejected his effort to block them. The records include millions of pages of documents. — Kaitlan Collins … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

High Hoes, Silver They say that crafting a bill is a lot like making sausage. And in the case of the Trump-Virus relief bill, the sausage is made of horse meat: COVID relief package features horse racing safety legislation Horse … Continue reading

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The Coinkydinks Keep Piling Up

Grifters Coinkydinks keep piling up for Sen. Loeffler: Value of Loeffler’s Mansion Dropped $6M Overnight—and Nobody Can Explain Why When Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and her husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, bought a 15,000-square-foot Atlanta mansion known as “Descante” for $10.5 million … Continue reading

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The Deficit Hawks Return to Old San Juan

Just like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, so too have the Deficit Hawks returned to Wingnuttia after gorging at the public trough: The Hill: Republicans are preparing to reembrace their inner deficit hawks after greenlighting big spending bills … Continue reading

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Death and Taxes, Cont.

 Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits “Mr. Trump’s own business history is filled with overseas financial deals, and some have involved the Chinese state. He spent a decade unsuccessfully pursuing projects in China, operating an office there … Continue reading

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