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From the Pantheon of Dunces

Mark Halperin breathlessly tells us: Trump Would Fund Super-PACs Aimed at Taking Down Cruz, Kasich Donald Trump plans to create and fund super-PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich should either run for … Continue reading

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Soylent Blonde Regrets

The party I was part of is dead. — Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) July 22, 2016 Why, it just seems like the other day our old pal Soylent Blonde was saying that the RNC was going easy on Hitlery. (Firing squad … Continue reading

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The Quotable Coulter

“My answer is F.U., Charlie Sykes, how dare you. There’s nothing racist about anything I say.” No comment.

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Hannity: ‘Coffee, Tea, or Me’

The Death of the Media Now, one wonders why staff-banging serial-adulterer Noot might need a friend to chauffer him around the skies, amiright? Why not just fly commercial or charter a plane? According to the Daily Beast, Noot still owes about … Continue reading

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L’il Luke Says Goodbye

Nepotism takes one on the chin. Meghan McCain, you're next! — Tengrain (@Tengrain) July 13, 2016 I sweat to blog, I hope that they gave him a juicebox and a transit map.

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The Death of the Media

CNN has left a skidmark on journalism: CUOMO: Let’s discuss with Christine and Corey. Joining us right now, vice chair of the New York State Democratic Party, Christine Quinn, who is a Clinton supporter, and former Trump campaign manager, Corey … Continue reading

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Great Hire, CNN (Cont.)

The Death of the Media Has 2016 race increased level of hate and prejudice? @chriscquinn and @CLewandowski_ weigh in — New Day (@NewDay) July 11, 2016 “It’s a poll out last week that shows that. He’s receiving 33% of … Continue reading

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A Disturbance in the Farce

BREAKING: Ex-Fox Anchor Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes As you may have heard, I'm no longer with @FoxNews. I value your support and friendship so please stay in touch: — Gretchen Carlson (@GretchenCarlson) July 6, … Continue reading

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Sen. Vitter Approves This Message

The Death of the Media LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh we have a new transgender update for you as well. Oh no new transgender news for all of you who are bathroom-goers and public — you use public restrooms? I think … Continue reading

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Frump Chump Dumps Trump

Yes, it’s true: George ‘Admiral Weener’ Will has left the Party due to the presumptive nominee and short-fingered vulgarian Deadbeat Donald Trump: “After Trump went after the ‘Mexican’ judge from northern Indiana then (House Speaker) Paul Ryan endorsed him, I … Continue reading

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