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Sportzball! Honors!

Golfing person Tiger Woods has won his first championship in a decade, and the fifth Masters title of his career, and his 15th major tournament victory. So how does one celebrate being really good with rich guy leisure sports? With … Continue reading

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Comrade Prznint Stupid Takes a Swing At America’s Favorite Pastime

Comrade Trump has struck out Major League Baseball’s agreement with the Cuban Baseball Federation, which made it easier for Cuban players to enter the U.S. legally without needing to defect. Makes me wonder if this is because our Grifter-in-Chief has … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Our old pal Rick Wiles wants us to know that Tom Brady is supernatural because, well, he’s sleeping with a witch, so I’m guessing Wiles’ bookie wants him to PAY WHAT HE OWES! Anyway, here for … Continue reading

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Scissorhead Purplehead sends us the sportzball news we all crave: Ataja mejor que arqueros profesionales jajaja ! #BuenMartes — Pasión Fútbol (@PasionFutbol860) December 4, 2018 I didn’t know that dogs played pro soccer. I guess I should maybe become … Continue reading

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Croatia Beats Russia in World Cup

Expect Comrade Stupid to invade Croatia. He’s a poor sport when his home team loses.

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The Eagles Have Not Landed

The reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, will NOT be visiting the White House. The Eagles lack of enthusiasm to visit the Russian Usurper was so great that when out of 70 players on the roster, and the RSVPs … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

Comrade Stupid was on Petunia & Pals to show his deep feelings towards the Flag and the National Anthem: “I think that’s good, I don’t think people should be staying in locker rooms … You have to stand proudly for … Continue reading

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Bad Sportzball, Cont.

Oh, I bet that ended well. I don’t understand how they could miss, Dude is bigger than a barn.

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500 Quatloos…

…says that Chief of Staff John Kelly has his face in his hands as Preznint Stupid took on the world of Sportsball in Jeebusland where I understand Sportsball might be even more precious than Jeebus. Let’s begin at the Rally … Continue reading

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Bad Headlines, Cont.

If you look close you can see the gils. (Hat tip: our twitter pal @Adrastosno, but you might know him from the always-excellent blog First Draft)

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