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Run Away!

Hey! Remember how Senator Sinema did not stay in DC to negotiate because she had to see an Arizona doctor about her broken foot? “How broken was it?,” as Sinema is running in today’s Boston Marathon and protesters are planning … Continue reading

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Rooting For The Home Team

Hair Füror, who is noted for his uncanny athletic prowess and legendary insight into strategic matters, offers some constructive criticism to the United States’ Olympic athletes: You’re Fired’ed! Trump puts out a statement railing against the U.S. women’s national soccer … Continue reading

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Saturday Palate Cleanser

I’d watch track and field more if they set loose the hounds. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Jimmy T)

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Miller: ‘Buy Me A Peanut and Some Crackers, Jack’

Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi, Steven ‘Pee-Wee Himmler’ Miller is a fan of America’s Favorite Pastime, you know, the bat game: A personal thread on the @MLB controversy: I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life. Almost every penny of allowance … Continue reading

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Midday Palate Cleanser

This needs to be an olympic sport. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

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(UPDATED – Claim Chowder is Served!) Fore!

The insults to would-be dictator Hair Füror, following his failed Stupid Coup, continue to pile up: PGA Championship leaving Trump National in ’22 tournament KAPALUA, Hawaii (AP) — The PGA of America cut ties to President Donald Trump when it … Continue reading

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Report: Area Man Does Dumb Thing

  This is one of the dumbest moves I can think of, but you know, Stable Jenius: Viewership for NBA Finals Finale Crash Nearly 70%, Beaten by Random Sunday Night Football Game via @BreitbartNews Maybe they were watching in … Continue reading

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The Ol’ College Try

As is his want, Lord Damp Nut took credit for the Big Ten Conference’s surprise announcement that its football season would resume at the end of October after all, reversing its earlier decision: Trump takes victory lap over return of … Continue reading

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Judge to Trump: ‘Please Enter Proof Of Your Ballot Conspiracy Theory Into Evidence’

Hey guys did you know that Prznint Stupid’s 2020 Goat Rodeo campaign filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania claiming that June’s primary was a cornucopia of voter fraud, and therefore mailed-in absentee ballots in November should be limited. It’s true! Naturally, … Continue reading

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More, Please

Together, we must be part of the movement to end racism. Together, #WeSkateFor Black Lives. — NHL (@NHL) August 2, 2020 I cannot imagine this is going over well in Possum Hollar, but to paraphrase the Great Gretsky, a … Continue reading

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