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Soylent Blonde Reacts

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) thought to check in with Meghan McCain to see what she thought of Mooselini endorsing the campaign of Donald Trump, who famously said that: “He’s not a war hero,” Trump said, referring to … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs They Seem Nice. And once again our attention is drawn to guns as The Kenyan Usurper gives a pretty great press conference and goes over what few executive orders he can give to try to bring … Continue reading

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Gov. Huckabee, When You’ve Lost…

…Meghan McCain, you’ve lost it all: Mike Huckabee is one of the truly great imbeciles of our time, representing the lowest common denominator of American politics. — Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) June 2, 2015

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Our favorite Republican Booze Heiress Meghan ‘Soylent Blonde’ McCain—the proud issue following Grandpa Walnuts getting his way during one of Cindypills missing weekends—has something to say about Aaron Schock (R-Lindsey Graham’s Closet): “The rise and fall of Congressman Aaron Schock … Continue reading

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Nepotism Legacy Hire Out

We are sad to announce that Soylent Blonde herself, Meghan McCain is out of a job at Pivot teevee: Her show, Takepart Live has been cancelled. Pivot TV has canceled its signature nightly program, “TakePart Live.” The show is hosted … Continue reading

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And Congrats To SoyBlo

GLAAD today announced that Republican political commentator, author, and TV personality Meghan McCain; Executive Vice President, Commercial Services at Hilton Worldwide Jeff Diskin; Harvard Law School professor and venture capitalist with August Capital, David Hornik; and Managing Director at Opportunities … Continue reading

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Death of the Media, cont.

EMOTICON OF PRIVACY?! You silly twatwaffle, MODICUM! Some where out there is a real journalist who should have the opportunities our favorite booze heiress is squandering. (And if you argue with me on the dolphin point, you are saying that … Continue reading

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The Death of the Media, cont.

MSNBC has hired SoyBlo as a political commentator. I’m going to sit in silence in a dark room for a while, maybe do a little past-life regression therapy. (MediaBistro)

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Is SoyBlo a cannibal?

Good gravy! The NYTimes decided to interview famous entitled attention-Remora, Meghan McCain. SoyBlo’s interview, surprisingly, has more depth than her usual contributions from the Daily Beast: INDISPENSABLE ITEM: My MacBook. It’s depressing. It’s like my baby. I named it Bambi. … Continue reading

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“‘Entitled Twits’ for $100, Alex”

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