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And He Didn’t Burst Into Flames

"I don't know one Republican, including me, that would ever cut Medicare." — Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), who has called for sunsetting all government programs, including Medicare, every five years — The Recount (@therecount) January 26, 2023 Sen. Scott … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs He’s baaa-ack! (Bloomberg) — West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said Thursday that Congress needs to deal with the nation’s “crippling debt” by making changes to shore up Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs he said … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, K-Mac?

Another part in the series, K-Mac Is Bad At His Job: Top Republicans Keep Talking About Plans To Cut Medicare And Social Security Generally, three weeks before midterm elections that could make or break a party’s chances of congressional control, … Continue reading

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2022: It’s All On the Line

I know everyone and their dawg is demanding a high participation to overcome Team Evil in the 2022 Pie Fight. Our pals at Electoral-Vote have an interesting observation: the Republicans have created a fantasyland opponent and Democrats are talking about … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Arizona

Talk about not knowing how to read the room: “Privatize social security” @bgmasters tells FreedomWorks, saying he will bring fresh thinking to the US Senate. Hard to tell if that sunk in this room, where many are of social security … Continue reading

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Rick Scott’s Defense: Deny! Deny! Deny!

Remember last February when the Chairman of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee, Rick Scott, released an official Republican Senate Campaign 11-point platform so odious that even amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell took him to the public whipping post? You know, the … Continue reading

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The Unpublished GOP Platform

NBC: “The federal government’s ability to pay Social Security benefits could stop by mid-2023 if President Donald Trump were to permanently terminate the payroll tax and not offer another revenue source, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration said … Continue reading

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He’s having a melt-down over being fact-checked, this is really satisfying.

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Nation Shocked: Stable Jenius Might Not Be Lying About Sumpin’

Hey guys, remember that time that Comrade Stupid said that gutting Social Security and Medicare were second term projects? CNBC: Will entitlements ever be on your plate [for cutting]? TRUMP: “At some point they will be” CNBC: But you said … Continue reading

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The Moose-Savant wants to kill SS and Medicare

…which pretty much means everyone in Alaskastan will be homeless and sick on the street except for the Grifter and her family of Sponges. But anyway, here is a nifty interview with the Mooselini-endorsed, likely GOP candidate for Senate from … Continue reading

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