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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Wired Magazine —the tech magazine that oddly has little tech in it— has a post to summarize the decade that was: The Most Dangerous People on the Internet This Decade That headline is a little ambiguous … Continue reading

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Branding and Lifestyling Today

“Nike has their First Amendment right to make individuals such as Colin Kaepernick their brand ambassadors. We have the right to make patriots like Chief Gallagher one of ours.” –Tyler Merritt, Founder of Nine Line Apparel, in the NYTimes And … Continue reading

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Tweet, Twit, Twat

Legal scholar and noted stable genius Comrade Stupid is auditioning a novel new legal defense: Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate. Why aren’t we Impeaching her? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 20, 2019 … Continue reading

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‘Oops’ Says Faceberg, Part Infinity

TechCrunch: “Instagram is giving politicians the same free rein to spread misinformation as its parent company Facebook. Instagram is expanding its limited fact-checking test in the U.S. from May and will now work with 45 third-party organizations to assess the … Continue reading

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New Land-Speed Record Set!

Tweet that: Trump appears to hit record for daily tweets I guess the impeachment is improving his productivity: “The president’s @realDonaldTrump account had tweeted and retweeted 115 times by late Thursday night, marking what could be his most active day … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink (‘Oops, Part Infinity’ Edition)

Happy Hour News Briefs Lets begin with CBS This Morning’s tweet: EXCLUSIVE: @GayleKing asked @Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about the nature of his recent meeting with President Trump. “We talked about a number of things that were on his mind and … Continue reading

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If you want one Twitter thread for giggles yesterday, this one is it: This would be a perfect shot for a sitcom opening credits sequence. — Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) November 13, 2019 Whitlock goes on to create opening credits … Continue reading

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Oops, Part Infinity

The Vox email thingie last night leads with the latest news swirling clockwise around Faceberg (counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere): Thousands of revealing internal documents and emails that Facebook struggled to keep secret were just made public, giving more details … Continue reading

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(UPDATED) Faceberg Tries Buying Off Civil Rights Leaders With Surf and Astroturf Dinner

Concerns about Facebook’s political ad policy brought to Zuckerberg’s dinner table “Steak, scallops and the future of American democracy were among the items on the menu at one of Mark Zuckerberg’s homes on Monday night as the Facebook CEO hosted … Continue reading

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NYTimes Report: Tweet, Twit, Twat

Hercules had it easy when he cleaned out King Augeas’ stables. Axios morning email thingie reports: The N.Y. Times read all 11,390 of President Trump’s White House tweets (twice), and reports these findings in a 10-page special section, with three … Continue reading

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