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“Oops,” Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

Gawd, the MSM have discovered  the ‘Gram and are Concerned: “Instagram could become a new platform for the sharing of disinformation around the 2020 election because of the way propagandists are relying on images and proxy accounts to create and … Continue reading

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‘Oops’ Part Infinity

Facebook announced that it will ban dangerous people from its platforms. The list of the damned, er, banned includes Milo Yippingpapaya, Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones (and his InfoWars), Paul Joseph Watson (the UK’s Alex Jones), hand-cuffed to Twitter’s Front Door … Continue reading

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Putin Protected His Portfolio

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac Months after Comrade Prznint Stupid took office, Russia’s disinformation teams trained their sights on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. The Russian operatives unloaded on Mueller through the Facebooks, the Twitters, and others (Instagram, which is also owned … Continue reading

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Trump’s War on Algorithms, Cont.

You guys, the Russian Usurper continues his War on Algorithms! Anyway, somehow, against all odds, Comrade Stupid has figured out how to embed media in his tweets, and so one wonders if cat videos can be far behind. Anyway, this … Continue reading

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In The Tweet Of The Moment

And here we go again! Someone gave Hair Führer Donald Trump an Instagram, so of course he twatted out something to try to get clicks on his new toy: My Administration will follow two simple rules: — Donald J. … Continue reading

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