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‘Always Be Closing’

Axios tells us that Lord Damp Nut wants a piece of the action on GRIFTTR… (all the usual disclaimers about formatting apply) Scoop: Trump wants equity in Gettr Former President Trump wanted equity in Gettr, the new social media app … Continue reading

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GRIFTTR: A Cautionary Tale

Guys, remember GRIFTTR, you know the hot new social media company founded by fertile person and serial adulterer Jason Miller? The one that was going to be the social media for the mouth-breathers, er, MAGA? What’s going on with them? … Continue reading

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Because, of course GRIFTTR Was Hacked on Day 1

As predictable as the sun rising in the east, GRIFTTR was hacked on launch day: Trump-Friendly Gettr App Marred by Porn, Hacked Accounts and Sonic the Hedgehog Upon Launch The Twitter-style service launched on Sunday, led by former senior Trump … Continue reading

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GRIFTTR For Dummies

ReaganBook, Revisited Guys, getting a new social media platform up and running to scale takes a lot of work and Ameros, both of which is something that Lord Damp Nut has little of. So who, what, how did GRIFTTR get … Continue reading

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