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The Truth is Out There. Way Out There

As widely reported, Hair Füror’s ironically-named Truth Social (Eiron the Goddess of Irony’s favorite work) is not paying its bills and apparently has stiffed its hosting service. Axios has some brief clarity (or whatever they call their enigmatic bullets and … Continue reading

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Truth Social Financial News, or, The Scorpion and the Frog

No one ever learns, do they? Trump’s social media app facing financial fallout Truth Social’s finances may be in significant disarray, sources say Former President Donald Trump’s social media outfit, Truth Social, is locked in a bitter battle with one … Continue reading

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‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg, Part Infinity

Happy Hour News Guys, we’ve always been right about Facebook: Facebook is a malignant force, and nothing good comes from using any of their products: Facebook turned over the chats of a mother and daughter to Nebraska police after getting … Continue reading

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Theocracy Today!

Ted Cruz’ former escort, Rep. Guns, er, Lauren Boebert has something to say about the Separation of Church and State: Lauren Boebert: “The church is supposed to direct government, not the opposite way. The church is supposed to influence govt … Continue reading

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Midday Recipe Round-Up

Scissorhead MDavis sends us this recipe for … well, I’m not sure what to call it. I Was Left Unsupervised: A Twitter Thread (don’t worry, it’s been unspooled and is not presented on Twitter, and it has a valuable object-lesson at … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Jeebus, when I looked at Twitter, the trending hashtag was #ForeheadMcRapey, and I immediately knew that America’s Aging Prom Date Matt Gaetz must have said something odious, or more odious, and yup, nailed it: Gaetz: "Why is … Continue reading

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Whaddup, Pennsylvania?

You cannot make up merde comme ça: Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano’s campaign for governor in Pennsylvania paid $5,000 for “consulting services” to Gab, a social media platform that provides a home for conspiracy theories and antisemitic content. Gab is the … Continue reading

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Musk Pulls Out

No, this is not a dick joke about all of Musk’s secret babies in his attempt to change genetic history, but rather his desperate attempt to pull out of his Twitter take-over: Elon Musk announced Friday that he will abandon … Continue reading

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‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg (Part Infinity)

Meta (nee Facebook) is not going to help you, ladies: WASHINGTON (AP) — Facebook and Instagram have begun promptly removing posts that offer abortion pills to women who may not be able to access them following a Supreme Court decision … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid, Hair Füror?

What a dope: Trump’s Truth Social Is Banning Users Who Post About Jan. 6 Hearings, According to Reports — Variety (@Variety) June 10, 2022 It’s all in the branding: The irony is rich: Truth Social, Donald Trump’s Twitter copycat claiming … Continue reading

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